Where to take a girl on a date: 10 ideas

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Where to take a girl on a date: best places for an awesome date

So, you have met a girl you really like. How can you impress her on the first date? Visiting a popular restaurant or just going to movies will not make your new crush feel special. So, what are the best hot ideas to arrange an unforgettable date? Below you will find a list of cool places, where to take a girl on a date to have a nice experience.

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  1. Stand up show. The easiest way to elevate your girl’s mood and make her smile is going to stand up show. Furthermore, it will give you plenty of topics to discuss and make the overall dating atmosphere pleasant and warming.
  2. Cooking workshop. Everyone likes delicious food. However, if you are tired of restaurants, visit a cooking workshop. This is always useful, fun and absolutely out-of-ordinary!
  3. Ice skating. Although she might not know how to skate, you can easily become her coach! Hand-holding and gentle touches will definitely make you closer.
  4. Have a breakfast rather than dinner together. Morning is usually the time, when you both are full of energy and vigor. This simple trick will make your communication more live and relaxed.
  5. Art therapy. Art is one of the things most ladies really like. Just visit a painting, pottery or music workshop together. This way you will learn something new and receive plenty of positive emotions.
  6. Visit a game of her favorite sports team. Adrenaline rush and adventure spirit are really great feelings to have on a first date.
  7. She will definitely enjoy looking at exotic animals and cuddling all these cute creatures. One of the most brilliant ideas for the first date!
  8. Botanical garden. All the ladies love flowers. Furthermore, botanical gardens are usually not overcrowded, so you are likely to have plenty of romantic moments looking at picturesque scenes and nature.
  9. Another great place for dating with lots of soft-lit and darkened rooms. Holding her hand and looking at amazing creatures is a real win-win.
  10. Tearoom is a perfect alternative to cafes and restaurants. Try new kinds of tea, communicate and enjoy a pleasant soothing atmosphere.

Not to mention, going to the beach is another good solution for the first date. Swim, bathe and have fun together!

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Where to take a girl on a date? It is up to you! Just stay positive and have an awesome time together wherever you go.



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