Top 6 places to search for love

search for love

Where to find a girlfriend?

Do not expect that love will knock at your door. It will take you time and effort to get acquainted with the right person. This article is about the best places where it is easy to find a girlfriend.


This is the most obvious option. Modern life suggests that it is the most convenient to look for a girl on a dating site. However, people who have met there quite seldom create strong relationships.

Nevertheless, you should not discard the Internet as the place where to find a girlfriend. Think about what you are fond of and visit relevant forums. This will increase the likelihood of meeting a soulmate and you will have something to talk about on the first date.

find gf in internet

Shared interest clubs

The principle of “thematic” search extends to reality. If you are a lucky person who has time for hobby and you regularly visit interest clubs, look around there properly. Maybe a lonely charming girl sits beside you. She is interested in the same things as you do!

Where to find a girlfriend if you like good books? In libraries and bookstores. The percentage of women in such places is much higher than men. Discuss a book. It is a perfect reason for a date.


There is a lot of girls who go to the gym only to get acquainted with men. Really. They can be recognized by the presence of makeup and neat hairstyle instead of a trivial ponytail and messy bun.

You can also get acquainted while jogging (though gasping interlocutor is not very pleasant company), biking, swimming – there are a lot of options. Winter is a good time for acquaintanceships at the ice rink.

find gf in gymConcerts

On the spur of the moment, it is quite easy to start a conversation with new person during a live performance of your favorite band or singer. However, music may be too loud. Then you will not be able to shout louder than guitar riffs to ask the name of a beautiful girl.

It is possible but difficult to find a dream girl at classical music concerts. Firstly, the public here is specific, for the most part highly spiritual and intelligent. Secondly, it is necessary to remain silent.

Shopping malls

If you are tricky enough to use “women’s territory”, you will be rewarded. Approach a pretty young lady and ask for advice, “It is very difficult to make a choice. How do you like this perfume? Can you smell it?” or, “Would you be so kind to help me choose a pan? It seems you are good at cooking and know which one is the best.”

Each person wants to be helpful, so it is highly likely that she would not say no. You may use this opportunity to get acquainted with the charming kind-hearted girl.

find gf in Shopping malls

Workshops and classes

You have tried everything that was mentioned above, and still wonder where to find a girlfriend? Attend different workshops. Cooking classes? Excellent. Call and ask who usually attend them, couples or single people.

Dancing class? Even better! Does it require partnering? You will be in demand; there is always a lack of male partners.

Yoga workshops? Well, anyway you will become calmer.

If registration for workshops, open classes and games is conducted in social networks, you can study the lists of participants and their accounts. So you will come prepared and know who is married, who has a broken heart and who is ready for a new relationship!



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