10 tips on how to tease boyfriend

tease boyfriend

How to tease boyfriend in 10 great ways

Adding a little bit teasing is one of the best options to make your relationship brighter. Looking for something special for naughty affairs? Want to spice up your sexual life? If you are ready for bed-shaking sex, our list of tips on how to tease boyfriend are just right here!

  1. Stimulate his imagination. Being always naked before having sex is usually awesome, but if you want to tease your guy, you will need to seduce him in another way. Wear a sexy silky dress after having a shower, let your strap fall “accidentally” and make your skin a little bit wet with oil before your bedroom games.
  2. Wear his clothes. One of the easiest ways to attract your boyfriend even more is to wear his favorite T-shirt with no lingerie underneath. It will heat him up in minutes!
  3. Text dirty. Send him dirty messages or even photos, where you look exceptionally sexy. Tease him remotely and get a hot night with no effort!
  4. Look at him provocatively. If you are in a public place, establish this tricky prolonged eye contact that will tell him even more than words. Teasing has never been so easy!nice women
  5. Kiss him passionately. Give your guy a passionate French kiss, when suddenly stop. It will definitely make him want more and initiate an awesome foreplay.
  6. Dancing striptease is the hottest option to tease your beloved one. Show your flexibility with sexy moves to your favorite music to make his dream come true.
  7. Apply your cream or perfume when he is looking at you. Your boyfriend might easily go wild looking at your gentle touches and smooth skin.
  8. Wear sexy lingerie. Putting on sexy lingerie is the most popular way to tease any man, since it always works!sexy women
  9. Wear a short dress at home and do some household chores. Bending in front of your guy will make him want you even more.
  10. Use whipped cream and chocolate. Add some sweet flavor to your bedroom games to make him go crazy about you.

When it comes to teasing a guy, all methods are awesome. From lighting candles to using sex toys, all tricks are worthy trying. The most breathtaking techniques depend on your partner’s personal preferences. However, start with a list above, explore his favorite tricks, open up your sexuality and dive into the world of awesome sex in no time.



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