6 Best Apps for Couples to Give That Foreplay a Step Up

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When in a relationship, sometimes we just want to make things a little more fun. And who said sex and technology can’t be a hell of a good combination? Not vibrators definitely. As much as grandma would shame you eternally for it, getting kinky is something technology is helping us do every day much better.

Sometimes we just need a little push to do some of the things we have already thought about doing. When downloading a sex app, you can talk dirty, explore each other’s bodies in ways you probably hadn’t thought of before, or even control a vibrator.

Some of the Best Sex Apps for Couples

1. Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare

Dirty game is one of the best sex game apps for couples. Regardless of if you want to keep it innocent or really kinky, this app will offer you a category for whichever level you feel like getting it on in. Or if you want to step it up slowly passing through classic, romantic, flirt, icebreaker, foreplay and sex.

You’ll feel like a teenager answering kinky questions, dirty talking, and being embarrassed but turned on when completing the dares. Questions like “share a naughty fantasy you’ve never told anyone about” will definitely do a lot for the foreplay and get you comfortable dirty talking. While dares like “spank your partner’s ass” will help you get started.

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When it comes to the best sex apps for couples, OhMiBod will get you in the mood. OhMiBod is an app that connects to a variety of vibrators. It works over Bluetooth or Wifi, and it is especially great for long-distance couples to stay physical, even from different continents.

Your partner can choose from different modes such as rhythm, touch, tap, wave, and voice. And each one of them will give you pleasure in a unique way. Tap mode will let you send vibrations by tapping the screen, wave mode increases and decreases vibrations depending on how you tilt your phone.

Also, the app lets you log and track your orgasms, so set a challenge with your partner and try and break some records.

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Desire is one of those sex game apps for couples that’ll let you feel playful all-time long. It’s full of fun sex games you can engage in with your partner. Users can send their partners thousands of dares from the game database, which, by the way, is updated every week. Or they can write their own dares. This app is perfect for competitive couples. If your partner accepts the dare and completes it then they receive points. After you reach a certain amount of points you can unlock new levels of sex challenges and levels. You can dare your partner anytime to keep it interesting.


As you probably already guessed from the name, this app will teach you the positions of the Kama Sutra in detail. You and your partner will be able to lean 110 of the most popular Kama Sutra positions. You have nine different categories and even music to set the mood. Also, you can save your favorite positions to use later. Doesn’t have much to do with Indian sex, but let’s admit it, it’s hot, it’s fun, and it will definitely step up your foreplay.

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Ever tried Tinder? Well, the logistics are the same, except you don’t swipe on people, you swipe on the stuff you’d definitely be into. Both you and your partner create an account and pair with each other. You both can swipe left or right through over 100 naughty suggestions. If you both accept one, the app will let you know and you can try it the next time you have sex. This foreplay is great for when you are a little shy to communicate what you like sex-wise, it will put you both on a common ground of can’s and cants. Or you can even throw in your own ideas for your partner to swipe.

6. 69 Places – Sex Locations & Fantasies

This app is going to help sex be as exciting as possible. This sex game app for couples will provide you with 99 locations where you and your partner need to try and have sex in. Trying to constantly complete the challenge will totally give you adrenaline rushes that’ll make you feel like two teenagers trying not to get caught. While you probably won’t complete all of the challenges the app gives you, you and your partner can at least have a hell lot of fun trying.

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