Ways To Find Your Inner Freak

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It is common to go through some difficult phases in the relationship, in which the couple ends up falling into a tiresome and discouraging routine. If you are going through this, do not worry. It happens to most couples! And the good news is that it is possible to reverse this situation with a few simple tips that can surprise your partner and give back to the relationship the same warmth of dating.

Bring Out the Inner Freak

1. Bet on good lingerie

How long have you and your husband not had a night worthy of a novel? Investing in good lingerie can be the start for an unforgettable night and rekindle the heat between the two of you. If you are the type of woman who likes to have her sensuality surfaced, it is worth betting on a thong. If you are more behaved, our tip is to wear a more sensual sweater with a lace or a deeper neckline that leaves you at ease. Another very bold idea to bring out the inner freak of your partner is to give him the lingerie that you wore on this unforgettable night! A further cool tip is to send him a picture of you using the piece and poking his curiosity about how that panties or sweater stays on you.

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2. Make a special breakfast in bed

A great tip towards bringing out the inner freak of your partner is to prepare a breakfast with everything he’s entitled to and take him to bed on a Saturday or Sunday where you can spend a few hours wrapping to get up. Remember to include in the coffee the foods he likes the most. To make this moment even more special you can put a note saying how much you love him.

3. Take him to a motel

Even if you are married or have been living together for a while, a trip to the motel may be interesting to break the routine or even relive the time you frequented this place for your nights of love. If possible, choose a more luxurious room with more features so that you can explore other pleasures and bring out the inner freak of you both.

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4. Take him to watch a heart team game

If your partner likes to follow the football games, a good way to surprise him and bring out the inner freak in him may be by taking him to watch the team match that he loves. The idea is that you plan everything without him knowing! Buy the tickets, ask them to book the day to be with you because you have a great surprise! And obviously, do not let him cheer along with it!

5. Wait for him to get home completely naked

This is a great way to bring out the inner freak of your partner. You can effectively succeed in this way if you live together, or you have free access to his house. Our tip is that you expect him to come home from work completely naked (or wearing an overcoat that does not look like you’re wearing anything underneath). Enjoy using the perfume he likes best at this point as well! When he enters the house, open the overcoat and show him what awaits him …

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6. Do something you did at the beginning of the relationship

It does not have to be anything too elaborate and you do not even need to spend lots of money on it … Our tip is that you remember the old days and think of programs that are the same or similar to the ones you did when you started dating. It could be a visit to a place you used to go or even a short trip to a place you’ve had before. The idea here is the emotional value these places have for the two of you, with the aim of bringing out the inner freak.

7. Forget the worries and free yourself

In the old days, it was said that, between four walls, everything is allowed. It is true. So you have to be open-minded about sex, without repression or shame. Cherish freedom and imagination, make fantasies and trust you. He chose you, even with physical and emotional imperfections. So, do not worry about your fat, cellulite or stretch marks, this is his last concern at the moment. Free of these thoughts, bringing out the inner freak will be much easier and pleasurable.

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8. Talk about fantasies and accomplish them

To drive a man mad and bringing out the inner freak in both of you, its best to talk to him about your fantasies, your deepest sexual desires. Do not judge him, just listen carefully to what excites you both and, if possible, realize these longings. But for this to unite you further after fantasizing, you need to feel confident and comfortable about the relationship.

In conclusion, everyone likes novelty. In a relationship, it could not be any different. Do you remember the beginning of your relationship, where each activity was different, always with techniques to seduce the partner and make him want more? From time to time, it is necessary to bring out the inner freak, reignite the flame, make some surprises and leave the sameness.



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