10 Tips for Freaky Stuff to Do in Bedroom

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10 Dirty and Freaky Stuff to Do in the Bedroom.

Still hesitate, what your partner likes? Or do you want to spice up a bit your sex life? Looking for some inspiration? Either you are a new couple or you’ve been married for years, all the loving hearts need to try something new in bedroom from time to time. These handy tips, as well as some freaky stuff to do in the bedroom, will make your partner groan with pleasure!

Hot & Dirty Things to Try With Your Partner

1. Get out of the bedroom. Having sex on the kitchen table or in the bath, full of warm water can give you plenty of bright emotions. Don’t stick to your bed!
dirty and hot

2. Turn on the lights. Did you know that men are visual creatures? Make sure he can see all the details of your body! Just get rid of any embarrassment – your partner definitely likes you and your body with all your small imperfections.
3. Watch porn. Porn is a great source of inspiration. Furthermore, it can help to raise your sexual arousal in minutes!
4. Share your fantasies. Dreaming about harsh sex? Just tell it to your partner. Being open-minded and frank with someone you love is incredible! Moreover, your partner might have similar dreams and sexual fantasies.
5. Try being rough. Sex is not only a range of gentle touches. There is nothing wrong with rough kisses or being pushed up against the wall. Not to mention, you might also try some submission and dominance practices or BDSM.
picture bdsm6. Touch yourself. Make self-love or even masturbate behind your partner. In most cases, it is amazingly erotic!
7. Try some new underwear. Sexy underwear is the easiest way to make your sex life brighter. Experiment with colors, styles and accessories for the maximum effect.
picture hot
8. Find new sources of stimulation. Just search new super spots on your partner’s body. If you think, you definitely know all of them; double check all the hidden places once again.
9. Bring some food to your bedroom. Just try to eat out some strawberry, warn chocolate or cream from your partner’s body. This simple technique can give you both the brightest orgasms ever.
10. Try new sex toys. The vibrator, edible lotion, costumes and handcuffs – all the stuff is really great if you both like it!
If you want to try some freaky stuff to do in the bedroom, start with a single technique. Don’t try everything at once – you have plenty of time for incredible pleasure!



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