Adventurous Sex Ideas To Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

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If you are having your sex life really awesome, hats off to you and your partner. But there will be still something missing to do, to go an extra mile and do something passionate, interesting, exciting – something adventurous to sum it up. It ignites your sexual life, improves your chemistry with your partner and even makes you happy, live stress-free life.

Adventurous Sex Ideas To Make It Better Than Ever

1. Sex At The Office

However, there is a clear warning from NFSW regarding there should be no sex in the office premise but it is still one of those things people fantasize about. Sex at the office still is quite desirable sex adventure to do where people want to get dirty in their office cabins. There are a lot of couples who are working together in an office often come across each other. Psychologically, it turns on the couples to see each other in a different setup. With sex, our minds always tend to be creative; it is us which consider it as a just form of hunger or requirement of life. Well, if you truly want to spice up your sex life, offices are one of the best adventurous places to have sex. Or it can simply in your home working place or home offices as well where you might want to throw all stationary out and put your bae on the working table.

There are some other cases where people are often sexually attracted to their co-workers where office premise or working setup appears to be quite arousing to them. But for sure, consent is the one thing which anyone should care about of the co-worker with whom you are mingling, rest is just bit less risky.

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2. Role Play

Role Playing is definitely one of the most adventurous sex things to try if you are a couple wanting to improve your sex life. Role-playing is always the most successful and fun formula to make your sex more exciting and adventurous. This can be either start and end in your bedroom or the house itself or some people take the next step and start hooking up with each other as strangers in bars or cafes. In bed, you and your partner can play different roles to make the sex more interesting or into some format of fictional fantasy story.

Some people pretend to be strangers and hook up for one night stand in a bar and some just prefer to play hunter and prey at home. Bars are again fallen among the best adventurous places to have sex as it is exterior as well, at least to start with. It is hilarious and funny as well, something to remember for a long time. More like a little dirty secret between couples to make your romance longer and stronger.

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3. Have Sex In A Public Place

It is quite more exciting, daring and challenging aspect of getting adventurous with your sexual experiences. It more comes from a demand or temperament of the couples. You can play it well as well as some people do it in some bathroom of a bar or some do it in the dressing room. There are some couples who go for long road trips, they often do it even under the open sky or in the bushes and where not.

4. Have Sex While Someone Watches

One of the quite weird adventurous sex things to try is this one as having sex while some watching you. This kind of adventure is not for everyone, it is called Exhibitionism. However, people does like the idea of having sex in front of someone.

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5. Having a Threesome

It might seem a bit out of the league or even unusual but just the nature of it is so adventurous and great on experience level that must be included here. Obviously, it totally depends upon your sexual preferences and how it affects you and your partner. It mostly happens in casual sex partners or open relationships. But surely it is something a lot of people have fantasized whether they are straight or gay.

Sometimes is not like that as there are couples who invite another couple to join them in the sex. There are some limitations and comprises decided earlier before that which should be communicated between them. But as it is mentioned, it is quite out of way mode kind of adventurous sex things to try, not exactly for everyone.

6. Have Sex Anywhere But The Bed

Sex is considered as quite personal and bedroom activity which surely it is and never actually intended otherwise. But you also should consider doing something exciting with it. The least you can do, if not public, exterior or something outrageous, you just avoid bed for a change. Try to do sex on the kitchen floor, table, office chairs, pool, in the shower, against the front door, kitchen table and actually anywhere you and your partner can think of. It is crazy but truly amazing to experience. Especially finding such adventurous places to have sex is fantastic and teasing idea itself.

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7. Experiment with Bed Sex

It is necessary to experiment with your bed sex in your married life or in your relationship. You can light your room with warm low lights. Make a show of the night where you and your partner can dress differently. You can have your private dance to your bae, mostly serve to men. Then, there are different sex positions to try which is a lot of fun and intimate. Then, there are actually immense numbers of possibilities to try and make your sex more adventurous.



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