How to make your wife a freak in the bed: 7 cool tips to elevate your sexual life to next level

freak a wife

How to make your wife a freak in the bed: 7 hot prompts for caring husbands.

A good sex is one of the most important aspects of any healthy marriage. However, many couples often face with some difficulties with having a low sex drive. How to awaken your lady’s “inner devil”? How can you make her want you more and more? Below you will find a list of handy tips on how to make your wife a freak in the bed.

  1. Make her feel special. Stay positive, show that you really love her and her body. The deep trust between the partners can easily open her sexual borders and make your lady more opened to new experiences.
  2. Encourage your woman’s fantasies. Everyone has unique sexual desires. First of all, make sure to provide a safe and pleasant environment and share your secrets. Always encourage your girl talking about her fantasies. Do not show any disgust or shock, even if you are really surprised with her desires, otherwise she might close up for a long time.
  3. Try using sex toys. You can easily go to sex shop together and buy something you both like. Start with lube or massage lotion and then move to more specific toys.make wife a freak
  4. Deepen her attraction without sex. Just make her small surprises, pay compliments and go dating even if you have been married for a long time. Pay her more attention, show your feelings and make her sexual desire irresistible!
  5. Start with a long foreplay. If you want to open up your lady, do not make your foreplay too quick. Investigate her body, kiss and even bite her gently to find out, what exactly she needs in the bed. Make your foreplay last as long as you can to bring her “sex hunger” to the top.wife picture
  6. Develop you skills in oral sex. Good oral sex can easily make your lady shiver from pleasure. Study some new techniques and do not forget to use your hands during the process.
  7. Find her g-spot. You have probably heard about this miraculous spot: try to find it with your fingers first. If you see that you hit the spot, do not stop! This simple trick might bring her amazing pleasure.

Note: do not expect quick results with the tips above. You will need some time to awaken your girl’s sexuality and make you sexual life brighter!



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