Sexy Questions to Ask Your Partner: Build Up Your Passion

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Top Sexy Questions for Seduction: Ask Your Partner

Is it possible to seduce your boyfriend with no efforts? Sure! Embarrassing and provocative questions might easily elevate his mood and make him want you even more. If you feel shy to think about something dirty, you might use a list of our hot questions to ask a man you like. Here you go!

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Initiating Sex at a Certain Moment:

1. What my body’s part do you think is really sexy? Why?
2. What is the best way to be seduced for you? Seems interesting! Can I start it now?
3. Tell me the dirtiest thing you thought about me
4. In what part of the day do you usually have the best sex : at night, in the morning or now?
5. Do you sometimes touch yourself? What parts of the body would you like me to suck, bite and touch?
6. Can I bite or slap you now?
7. I think you can give me on orgasm with just touching my breast. Let’s check this!
8. Can you take off my clothes?
9. Can I prove you that I’m the best kisser in the world?
10. Do you like to watch, how I touch myself?

Dirty Questions About Sex Experience:

1. When, where and with who did you have your first orgasm?
2. Tell me the dirtiest thing you told someone while having sex?
3. Your favorite color of lady’s underwear is…
4. What sex position is your favorite?
5. Have you ever regretted of fucked someone? Why?
6. Have you ever been too loud and disturb your neighbors because of having sex?
7. Have you ever tried anal sex? Did you like it?

Questions About Fantasies:

1. If you could have sex with any celebrity, whom will you choose?
2. Describe your dream lover. Should she be dominant?
3. Sex with a total stranger: describe your dream one-night stand
4. What kind of lingerie will you choose for me?

a dark-haired woman in black bra and a man

Questions About Preferences:

1. Would you like to cast in the porn? What scene would you choose?
2. Have you recorded home sex video?
3. Do you prefer sex being completely naked or wear any clothes?
4. What sex toy are you ready to try?
5. Can I watch how you masturbate?
6. Did you try rough sex?

All in all, feel free to ask questions about your boyfriend’s experience and investigate, what he really likes and doesn’t like. If you feeling not comfortable with asking too dirty questions, start with the most innocent ones about kisses, lingerie and fantasies. Note: your guy might not unveil all his dirty secrets at once, so you might easily initiate this sexy game for many times. Not to mention, if you are asking about sexy things, get ready for some small experiments.



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