Top 10 dirty questions to ask your boyfriend and turn you both on

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Top 10 dirty questions to ask your boyfriend: try and see what happens

Keeping your relationship exciting is incredibly important for any healthy relationship. How can you spice up your sexual life? How to make sure your boyfriend is still attracted to you? Below you will find a list of really dirty questions to ask your boyfriend and add some fun to your sex games.

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  • ‘What color is my underwear?’ Go on a date in any public place, where you will not be able to stay alone. Then make him guess, what underwear you wear. Another good idea is to ‘forget’ to wear your panties and tell it to your crush. He will be burning with sexual desire before you reach your bedroom.
  • ‘What is the most sensitive part of your body?’ You definitely know the answer. However, some dirty talks about his ‘Willy’ might elevate the sexual desire of both of you.
  • ‘Have you ever had sex outside? Would you like to try it?’ Another naughty question will make him wondering where you will have sex the next time.
  • ‘What sex toy would you like to try?’ On one hand, your crush might not answer this question; but it will still rise up his sexual fantasies. On the other hand, receiving a valuable feedback might provide you plenty of new ideas to make your sex even hotter.
  • ‘Which part of my body do you like most of all?’ We bet the answer will be something like butt or boobs. This tip will give you an opportunity to seduce him even more.

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  • ‘Do you prefer to be a dominant or a submissive in the bed?’ Not to mention, BDSM games are one of the most favorite ones for millions of couples worldwide.
  • ‘Have you ever tried anal sex? Did you like it?’ Note: by asking this question get ready to try this stuff, too.
  • ‘What is your favorite sex position?’ Although the question might seem easy, it will definitely raise his sex drive.
  • ‘What is the dirtiest thing you have ever tried? Do you want to try it again one more time?’ Sexual experimentation is always great: you might get amazing orgasms and experience new feelings.

Note: you might use a list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend not only in your bedroom! Just ask them while texting or when your beloved one is far away to heat up his desire and make your dates unforgettable.



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