Online Dating Changed Permanently in 2020


There has been a total change in the dating forum in 2020, mostly influenced by the emergency of the deadly disease coronavirus. The disease has led the whole world into a standstill, with quarantines and lockdowns being experienced in various parts of the world to help contain and stop the disease. People are now forced to re-learn how to date by developing ways of having dating and having sex without touching.

Online Dating Has Changed

Complete shutdowns and orders of shelter in place are increasing drastically. A Netflix movie show that has couples engaged without seeing each other by interacting in isolated pods, has inspired a slogan ‘love is blind’ in some schools in the US. creators made very simple rules; creating a fake email address, gender identification and sexual orientation preference. The information submitted is randomized, then pairs are created, the resemblance of each is introduced through the fake email address and texting is allowed after a week.

The main mission of dating is usually meeting physically with someone. The Tinder and OkCupid which are the giant online dating sites have experienced a very drastic reduction in numbers. The sites are now on the urge to create a feature that enables people to meet within the immediate geographical area.

Due to the aforementioned precautions, developers of the various dating sites are encouraging people to embrace virtual dating. Its has led to the invention of an app accommodating 10 to 15 participants at a go, a company representative moderates a video call. The representatives connect people who may feel interested in each other that is after receiving an email from the interested party. It has been named the speed date. Ground rules of the digital age dating have been upended during this period. It felt so creepy calling or even worse video calling a person to set up a date, but texting was considered very okay.

The video calls have been embraced on the various dating sites and are referred to as vibe check by some singles. This is predicted to even pick more even after the cure of the COVID 19 has been found since this makes the whole experience more realistic. People may tend to avoid it since they feel they don’t look good. But because they realize that it might take too long before they get to see each other, they are forced to try and once you try once there are high chances you will try again.

Online Dating Statistics in 2020

Online dating is a platform where it’s members can flirt, chat, or even fall in love. The members easily swipe through the profile pics and tap on whomever you like. Online dating is used by people of different ages in search of love partners. Examples of online dating apps are Tinder which has hit more than 50 million users worldwide and OkCupid. Online dating is experiencing growth in every year. 2020 however, is distinctive from all the other years. Coronavirus has hit globally and quarantine is the way to solve it. This has encouraged greatly online dating. The growth rate in 2020 will increase as compared to 2019. It is reported that ages between These are the global statistics on online dating according to The Statista Global Consumer Survey.

• The amount of revenue in the Online Dating segment amounts to US$2,141m in 2020.
• An annual growth rate is expected (CAGR 2020- 2024) of 4.3% resulting in a market volume of US$2530m by 2024.
• User penetration in 2020 is 3.2% and is expected to rise to 3.6% by 2024.
• The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) currently amounts to US$8.92.
• In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$973m in 2020).
• Users in 2020 have hit 239.9m a 9.2% increase.

Changes that happened

The pandemic that has led to strict measures such as effective lockdown, social and physical distancing to be able to curb the spread. The already established dating apps have been the booming turn over for people.
Many people have had to turn into a digital relationship not to go against the measures. Technology has now eased the search to find mates as a quick search to find your mate is easily done with gadgets. This has also removed the burden to travel countrysides to just meet with your date adding expenses. Therefore, it has increased the vast experience of connecting people worldwide. This has led to the involvement of people into jumping to relationships claiming them into online dating.

Online dating in short term has had good effects on the people in good semblance as you can gain experience in the dating. Some people are shy to indulge on a face to face dating has given them a chance to be able to stage their confidentiality. This has been a platform to gain self-esteem. Online dating may create a negative approach in the long term as one will be forced to rely upon and be addicted to virtual. Therefore, this will affect him or her psychologically creating a clear gap of the reality that will affect someone forever.

Dating has changed from the usual physical connection that leads to an emotional connection to the vice versa. This is because of the gap of interaction caused. Therefore, nowadays they are now able to change because of the impact. So, applications in this era have emerged with video chatting to try and replace interaction instead. It has brought out different concepts and also breaking personal privacy. Because one reveals too much that is not supposed to be seen. But in another perspective, It has brought fun because it has created routinely to be able to take part in.

Communication and information have also been enhanced between people of different places through movement have been limited. Dating has now been painted with loyalty and trust, not the usual romantic Physical touch. Couples dating have had now time to be able to cope up with each other in this era. Dating which was known to include physical intimacy and expression has now changed its course to an emotional one. Interests being driven to mostly how good you evoke relationships.



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