Secret seduction: Master your art of seducing a lady

Secret seduction

Secret seduction: 5 powerful seduction tricks every guy should know

Many guys are amazingly successful in seducing ladies. Still wondering, how can they do that? Are they more gifted in flirting? Definitely, no. These men are just using the secret seduction techniques that help them attract woman incredibly easy. Below you will find 5 powerful seduction tricks every man should know.

  1. Ask her on a date. The first step of successful seduction is asking your lady out. Many guys still hesitate to ask a girl on a date and do not know, which places are the best options for a first date. However, you should remember that chances that she will ask you first are slim to none. So, try to be self-confident, leave all your shyness and stereotypes behind and approach her with a pleasant smile right now!
  2. Make progress from date to date. Do not expect to have sex on a first date. Although some ladies are ready to share their bed with someone they hardly know, the majority of girls will still postpone your physical intimacy for a couple of dates. This way, your main purpose is to become closer with every date. Do not be ashamed to take her hand and kiss her, since it is a second step of successful seduction. However, make sure not to push your lady; listen to your gut, otherwise, you might just lose her.seduction women men couple
  3. Invite her over to your place. This step is obligatory, since many ladies feel shy to be seduced in public. Therefore, try to approach your woman being alone, when she is more likely to have ‘fun’ with you. Note: your new crush might still refuse to have sex with you. Do not give up; she just does not want to seem easy of approach to you.
  4. Kiss your lady slowly. The main advice for all the stages of seduction is to be slow and avoid pushing. Make her want you! Pay more attention to the most sensitive parts of her body and gradually build her sexual desire. Then undress her and let her undress you. Although most men get rid of their shirt and pants by themselves, it is a good idea to initiate your lady to undress you. This secret seduction will definitely drive her wild!seduction photo
  5. Do not make her feel it was just a one night stand. Cook her a breakfast, make your lady feel a bit special even if both of you know that you will not see each other again. Just try to leave her the right way!


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