Seduction tips for men: attract your lady easily

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Top handy seduction tips for men

Are you ready to boost your love life? How can you become more attractive and seduce a girl you like easily? Although making her wanting more is usually not an easy task, we’ve collected some hot tips to improve your dating performance.

Find out a list of seduction tips for men that will make her lose her mind.

  • Don’t pretend to be someone else. If you are not a super sexy alpha male, don’t behave like you are. Be yourself: your small imperfections might be really attractive to the girl you like. Stay true to your path and be self-confident to seduce your lady much easier.

Be yourself

  • Be curious. Avoid talking only about yourself – ask questions about her viewpoints, hobbies, favorite music, etc. Show the real interest to your crush and always listen to her attentively. Most girls enjoy communicating with good listeners!
  • Stay active. Call and text her, arrange unusual dates and make her little surprises. And one more necessary tip: make your girl feeling special!
  • Get well-groomed. Being tidy and well-shaved, as well as wearing clothes appropriate to your age, is one of the most important things for successful seduction. Women hate horrible smells and dirty shirts.
  • Study her body language. Most people have common signs of body language – just study some classical signs and act according to her feelings. This way you will easily read all her unspoken messages!
  • Pay her attention. It’s a good idea to switch off your phone when you are going for a date. This way you will show your crush that you really value her and that you are ready to spend more time with this girl only.
  • Be romantic. Bringing flowers for her is absolutely not old-fashioned! A small bouquet will elevate her mood and make both of you feeling more confident.

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  • Make her smile and laugh. All the ladies adore guys who can easily make them smile. However, avoid making jokes on politics, religion or any other personal matters.
  • Be honest. Don’t promise to call her if you are really not going to do this. Furthermore, tell her what are you looking in your relationship – this will save you plenty of time in case your views for dating differ greatly.


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