Top Secrets on How To Make Him Think You’re Sexy

Is it possible to make him want you constantly?

10 Hot Tips on How To Make Him Think You’re Sexy

Every lady really wants to be charming, especially when it comes to the seduction of her partner. Is it possible to boost your attractiveness? How to become seductive and make your boyfriend want you all the time?

These handy tips will make your guy lose his head with ease!

Just try them and you’ll be surprised on how easy might be the art of seduction.

1. Pay attention to your appearance. Although he truly loves you, you still need to take care of your appearance, even if you are just staying at home. You shouldn’t wear makeup all the time, but you still need to make sure you meet the basic rules of a sexy lady. Forget about untidy nails, dirty hair and old ragged T-shirt. Still wondering, what to wear at home? Choose short shorts or cute top to show the sexiest parts of your body. Remember, you need to be tidy and accurate all the time.

2. Avoid making too many changes. Be creative, spontaneous, but always follow your inner voice. In case your partner likes blondes, while you can’t stand this hair color, it’s a bad idea to dye your hair to platinum. You will just feel uncomfortable and frustrated. How to be seductive? Just be yourself.

how to be sexy

3. Have a perfect smell. Pay extra attention to your hygiene; always use your deo to have an awesome smell. However, don’t drop too much fragrance with sweet smell. Use quality perfumes and use only that odor that your partner likes.

4. Use make up wisely. Using too much cosmetics on your face might just frighten your beloved away. Focus on lips or eyes (choose only one part of your face if you prefer bright make-up.) The main rule on how to look seductive is not to overdo with makeup and accessories.

5. Stay positive. Guys really like happy ladies: drama queens are no longer the top choice for any man. Find something positive each day and your optimism might easily rub on to your partner.

6. Be smart. Intelligence is what everyone is looking for. Guys might like stupid ladies for the first time, but no one wants to have a serious relationship with a fool.

7. Add some sexual innovation from time to time. There is nothing new that most guys are polygamous. So, be different in your sex games: use sexy lingerie, tie his hands, have sex in various places and use new techniques to make him want you. Role plays and sex toys might be really helpful to diversify your sex life.

how to be different in your sex games

8. Become a good cook. He will definitely appreciate a tasty dinner. Although this rule is easy, it really works to make you more seductive.

9. Take care of your finances. Financial security is another key to be more attractive. Just have a well settled job and spend your money wisely.

10. Be confident and friendly. Easy-going people are usually more attractive than sociopaths. Don’t forget to get out of your online world and live your real life


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