Questions That Couples Should Ask If They Want To Increase The Sex Drive

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Intimacy is one of the most important parts which make sure that you both feel excited and happy about the relationship. Not just that, it keeps the relationship thriving and alive too. However, if you are in long term relationship and you feel that the closeness between you is fading and you both are taking less interest. Along with that, if you think that sex drive of both is going down, well, first of all, it’s okay to have such things.

The list of ideas that you can ask as a question to your partner

Well, the physical intimacy can fade but understanding that there are some sex questions for couples that can help you in retrieving your old chemistry back. Not just that, it will help you in exploring more about what your partner desire or wish to have with you. Here are a few ideas that you can use if you increase the sex drive .

Ask about what he or she liked

Well, lots of couples avoid having a conversation once they are done, but it’s important to have after sex talk. It will help you in understanding what your partner liked the most or what they don’t feel it. Not just that, you can also get a better understanding if you are going right or need more ideas to rekindle the romance between you two.

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Ask how many times they touch themselves

Well, where some people feel masturbating is a taboo, but actually, it’s healthy and helps you in learning more about your body. Asking such questions will not just let you know about your partner’s body and what are the other things he or she enjoy the most. On a personal term, you will know what things are not working out and other things that you expect from your partner to do so you can enjoy it more.

Ask about their fantasies

This one is one of the funny sex questions that you can ask your partner. By this, you can explore each other fantasies and what they wished to have. Also, you can do experiments and get ideas from each other fanaticizes. Such activities maintain your sex drive and also help you in keeping the interest. Along with that, it’s also useful for understanding your partner in more profound meanings.

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Ask about what are their boundaries and limits

Its extremely important question ask not just to make sure that you both enjoy your intimate time but also no one gets harm at the end. With the question, you can also choose the kinks that you both can add for driving better sex drive and enjoy it more. Well, the boundaries are divided into two; it can be soft or hard. It means there are some boundaries which you can cross, but there are some which are not acceptable no matter what. By this, you both will be respectable to each other presences and also don’t let anyone feel uncomfortable during the time.

Ask about the sex drives they have

It’s essential to know each other sex drive. There are lots of cases where the couples have different sex drives, and they are not matchable which lead unsatisfied life for them. However, there are a few things that you can use it as a solution, but for that, you must know about each other sex drives. Along with that, by talking about such things you can know about the compromise or the other things you can do.

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Ask to choose the best thing they want to do more often

There is at least something one or two parts which they like more and want you to do more. However, for that, you can include these sex questions to ask. Not just that, sex is a physical connection but also it depends on the mood as well as the situation. Lots of people like different parts but it depend on their preferences as well as where they feel most satisfied. You can talk about what postures or positions make him or her erotic. Also, you can get the idea about what else you can consider to try or to add that your partner will like to do. It will help in understanding better about the sex drive and how you can enjoy it for a more extended period.

Ask if he or she likes to be seduced

Typically such things happen with the couple who are together for a longer period as they start taking granted each other feelings. For spicing up your intimacy level, you can consider this as the Sex questions for couples too. Seducing help to develop as well as boost the desire which makes the feeling strong and also help in enjoying it better. There are lots of couples who try different things and go way out of line to seduce their partners. For that, they choose role plays or do other kinky stuff that the partners like.



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