In response to Amber Davies, here are eight rules for sex you actually need to follow

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8 rules for sex you need to follow

Amber Davies, Love Island’s winner has recently shared new rules for dating with her fans. However, the following post on social media is getting tons of critics and bashing. What are these contradictory rules? Let’s find out below!

  • Sex on the first date is an absolute no-no, since it is about self-respect;
  • If you are drinking alcohol during the date, make sure not to do things you might regret in the morning;
  • Sex is not the best thing to impress;
  • Do not be “friends with benefits”, since most ladies might easily fall in love with a partner after a hot night;
  • Avoid following the crowd. Just stand up for yourself, when it comes to having sex.

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In response to Amber Davies, here are eight rules for sex you actually need to follow:

  • Have sex if you really want it. Waiting for the first intimacy until marriage has been left in the last century. In case both of you are full of desire on the first date, just follow your heart!
  • Make your sex always safe. “Safety first” is the best advice for any intercourse.
  • Consent is important. If your partner is drunk, or under some substance or just sleeping, he/she is unconscious. Both of you need to have a common sense and ability to analyze the situation. Not to mention, some people might refuse to have sex even during foreplay, accept their denial.
  • Listen to your gut. If you hesitate, whether to have sex or not, follow your emotions. You need to feel completely comfortable for having good sex with your new partner.
  • Do what you want. People’s sexuality varies greatly. If something is not acceptable for you, just tell it to your partner. Even in case everyone does it.

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  • Study your sexuality. Masturbation is not dirty or disgusting. You just explore your body and learn how to have more pleasure. Do not miss this chance!
  • Avoid putting up with uncomfortable sexual experience. There are plenty of different options to make your sex better. Just talk to your partner and improve your sexual life with new tricks and techniques.
  • Do not be ashamed to have sex. Sex is really important for both males and females. You should not feel guilty if you prefer uncommon types of sex or having intimacy with people of the same sex. Live your life on full!


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