Sex in the car: Top 10 Things You Need to Know

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Having Sex in the Car: Tips and Secrets

Sex in the car remains to be one of the most common fantasies of millions of women. If you are ready to spice up your sex life and get cool emotions, you might try to have an intercourse in your car. Although many people still think that sex in the car is the best option for teenagers, who often lack of private space for making love, this kind of sex might easily brighten your sexual routine with a long-term partner. In case you want to make most of this experience, we’ve collected a number of tips on how to have sex in a car.

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Top 10 Car Sex Tips

1. Find a private place in advance. The worst thing you might face with having sex in the car is trying to find a lonely place, riding circles round your city. You might choose from driving to the wood or dark neighborhood. However, remember about your safety: avoid going too far or driving to remote districts you hardly now.

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2. Prepare your car. Make sure your car is clean and cozy. Pay extra attention to leather seats: they look great, but feel uncomfortable. Just put a T-Shirt or a towel to make both of you feel more comfortable. Don’t forget about wet wipes and napkins to clean all the stuff after having sex in the car.

3. Be careful. Having orgasm is often uncontrollable. However, try to keep your lady’s feet out of windows not to break them.

4. Don’t rely on radio. Make a list of romantic songs and never switch on the radio (it might easily break up your mood and desire).

5. Condoms. Safety first. Unless you are not in birth control, make sure to take condoms. Protection is your top priority!

6. Be quick. Sex in the car shouldn’t last too long. Otherwise, you might just get perspiring and tired. Get a hot foreplay and go ahead! Making love in the auto is for quickies.

7. Open at least one of the windows. Avoid making a sauna in your car. Although you think you’ll be quick, you still need some fresh air.

8. Make it at night. Having sex in the car at night is much more comfortable. First, it’s more romantic. Second, people are not likely to disturb your privacy.

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9. Choose a big car. If you are going to rent a car for these purposes, choose a big one. Big cars offer more free space and an ability to try more positions. Avoid Mini or Smart Cars.

10. Prepare some excuses. Remember, that sex in the car is not the same thing as having sex in your bedroom. You might be easily noticed and caught by cops. So, you better prepare an excuse in case this happens.

All in all, sex in the car is always unforgettable. You might feel a completely different way and even get awesome emotions, like if you were a teenager. Just try it and you’ll really like it!



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