Sexual Experimentation in Marriage: Tips and Tricks

picture Experimentation in Marriage

Sexual Experimentation in Marriage: Easy Tips to Improve your Sex Life.

Every couple needs to change their sexual routine and explore the new positions, toys and techniques from time to time. Either your intimate life might be still great; there is always plenty of ways to make it even brighter. Still hesitate, which solution your partner will definitely enjoy? Looking for new ideas? Trying to make your communication better and the trust deeper? These tips on successful sexual experimentation in marriage are here to help!

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Simple Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Sex Life

– Use sex toys. Start with the most common ones: ropes, handcuffs and blindfold are the best options to begin with.

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– Talk dirty to your partner. Do you have any fantasy, but are still not sure your partner can accept it? Just try to talk about different sex fantasies and find out, which one your beloved one is ready to try.

– Dominate your partner. You might also use additional stuff to make your domination even more evident.

– Read erotic fiction together. Reading stimulates your imagination and can easily make your sexual arousal much stronger.

– Use vibrator. You can either use it by yourself or apply it to your partner. Both options are usually incredibly sexy.

– Try different types of sex. Have you already tried oral and anal sex? If the answer is ‘No’, it’s time to gain new experience. However, make sure to make some preparations beforehand (for example, buy some lubrication for anal sex).

– Spank your partner. Gentle touches and bites are not the only options for a good sex. Try spanking your partner and get even more pleasure.

– Wear costumes or provocative underwear. Have you ever tried to become a sexy nurse or maid? Use costumes and try role playing to receive awesome emotions with your partner.

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– Perform a striptease.  Dancing in sexy clothes and slowly undressing can easily make your loved one lose his mind.

If you still worry that your partner is not ready to try something extraordinary or too adventurous, start with small innovations. Feel your partner’s emotions and desires and just relax!


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