6 Top Signals to Know That She Wants You


For men, we know what it entails to be termed a “jerk” or a “creep”. This is a term used to taunt dudes that make moves for a girl that the presumed had feelings for them. Failure in this venture might be a wrong interpretation of a girl’s attitude towards you, wrong timing or inability to know when a girl is sending across flirtatious green lights that begs for your attention.

Even with all the experience and suave, you might have gathered over the years in picking women, you cannot deny the fact that it can sometimes be hard to know when she wants you to make that move. Be aware that every woman is different and the methods used to get them are different. The clues and tactics use in getting Stella may not be effective in getting Jennifer. Always have this in mind.

Most men often find it hard to interpret the signals being sent across by women. This is not necessarily due to the ambiguous nature of women when it comes to feelings but due to the cluelessness of men concerning the emotions of the opposite sex.

Signs That She May Send You if She Wants You

1. She invites you to her place or wants to visit you

This is the simplest option for women but sadly it is not too common in real life. When a girl approaches you and hints that she wants to see you or invites you to her place, know that she has developed some likeness for your presence and wants you around her.

2. She Touches You a Lot

This is most times due to the sub-consciousness on the part of women and in other times is a deliberate action meant to send across some message to you. But whether deliberate or note, when she keeps touching you more than is normal, it means that she is comfortable with you getting in physical contact with her. This is one of the biggest signals that she wants you to make that move.

3. She Responds Positively to Your Touch

Women respond negatively to touches from people, they do not like. This is because women are mostly uncomfortable with physical touches, unlike men. If you touch her and she doesn’t recoil but simply smiles when you touch her waist or hold her hands, then this is a positive signal that she wants you to do the needful.

4. You both have multiple eye contacts

Having eye contact once or twice might be an accident but when the occurrence increases and goes past three or four times in a space of some few minutes or hours, then know that something is in the offing. She wants to connect with you and wants you to make that happen. If the opposite is the case, she would not be looking in your direction.

5. She smiles a lot when you talk to her

Smiles don’t just come out like that. If the smiles appear more when you are in a conversation with her then you should know that it is time to mingle.

6. She promptly replies your text

If she replies to your text as soon as she receives it, be it in the morning, afternoon or night, then she has you in her thoughts. For her, your text means that you care about her and she never gets bothered or disturbed when you text her. This may not apply to everyone so when you see this sign then you have to give it all you’ve got.



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