9 Secret Signs That a Guy Wants to Take You to Bed

a woman in red dress standing at a man in black suit

The sexual tension signs from a man cannot be denied, because the body unintentionally tells us. Find out what sexual tension feels like! Men cannot always command their desire. This is especially true for men, but fortunately, you can also benefit from this weakness. If there is more to the first encounter than short-term affection, there are visible signs and I am not thinking about what is bulged down there.

Sexual Tension Signs That Tell You if a Man Wants You

1. He is setting his clothes

Sexy dress (and playing with it), is basically a female feature. However, when “the lightning strikes”, the man loses his confident stand, and he wants to make the best possible impression as well. So if your partner occasionally manages his tie, collar or sleeve of his dress, it means he wants that you like him. Of course, this is only true if you do not realize in the meantime that in the mirror behind your back, the guy was looking at himself, and the careful preparation wasn’t for you. In this case, you encountered an egoist guy. However, if he “needles” his clothes with embarrassment and is busier with you, the outcome of the evening is up to you: with some encouragement, you can even be in hot pleasures.

a couple sitting with coffee at a fency

2. Hungry eyes

If you only notice during the conversation that your partner scans your entire body with his gaze, you should not be rewarded with a slap. This gesture is not an arrogant sexual message, but one of the most secure signs of sexual tension. Don’t think that the gaze was the first time that the guy took a look at you: he’s probably done it in the first few seconds of the meeting, just you didn’t notice it. Some experts call this eye-catching sight a visual cruise, with the passage of all the points of your body, and stops for a moment in the coolest parts. This time, letting you see what he is doing is a clear message: This time, letting you see what you’re doing is a clear message: your partner assumes mutual attraction and wouldn’t mind if he could see you in less clothes.

3. Hands on hips

With this gesture, he emphasizes the size of his body but also suggests that he is in a controlling position. However, the hands on the hips draw attention to a different detail, because in this poses he directs your attention to his “male instrument”. The sexual message is obvious: if your partner is with his hands on the hip, with open and down fingers all night long, it indicates that he wouldn’t mind that you are watching, touching and admiring his greatest pride. Of course, he sends this sign without knowing it. At least in most cases, it is said to be so.

a couple having date in restaurant

4. The famous cowboy pose

If your partner put his thumbs in his first pockets, with his other fingers, giving your eyes clear directions, this is a clearer message than the hands on the hip. This posture was called a cowboy pose by the Texas people after researchers have shown the men, who are looking for prey – in this case, cowboys – are almost always in such a position. It turned out, however, that not only the Texas men are so. The cowboy position is the main male courting position in the western world. Luckily, however, you don’t have to be afraid of a sudden outburst gun, because there is a very different weapon at the center. While the entire body of women can carry a sexual message – the narrow hips, the naked neck and the décolleté – the single part of the man body is forced to win your liking, it is no wonder if he tries to control your eyes to his part if he likes you.

5. Telltale distractions

Behavioral researchers observe that when men wake up to sexual interest, they start playing with round objects. You probably can also tell why they are attracted to spherical objects: because these remind them of female breasts, and their brains so know what is going on in their minds. So if your partner clutches your glass or rotates it or caresses its edge, it is no wonder that you have a rather erotic association, as it is just as much in his head as it is in you.

6. Try to touch you

Often. Is he looking for some reason from time to time to touch you? Does the embrace go on last longer as it should be, or do his fingers stay longer over and over again?

a man in blue shirt and a woman in yellow dress having coffee in cafe

7. Speak with you in another voice

Do you also enchant with a velvety baritone or take off a whirring sound from your feet? The voice of men can be both irritating and soothing. If you notice that his voice is deeper when he talks to you, it’s not just a coincidence. Men also try to influence with their voice to the selected woman.

8. He raises his eyebrows

If he likes what he sees, he raises his eyebrows and opens his eyes better. If you see a man doing this, it means that he is interested in you and likes what he sees.

9. Elegantly moisturizes his lips

When we are attracted to someone, the mouth starts to produce more saliva, so it is possible that the man will slightly moisten his lips if he likes you.



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