Can Passion Be Developed in a Relationship?


While the answer to the question “can passion be developed in a relationship?” is yes, passion can also fade off from a relationship especially long-terms ones (including marriages). In fact, it is a normal phenomenon that after a while, the passion of the initial stage starts fading off. While this is a normal phenomenon, it is, however, important that you always ensure that you continually bring back the passion into your relationship. The reason for this is that passion is very important for a relationship. The signs of a passionate relationship are encompassed by passion because it is the passion that keeps couples invested in the relationship. It is the passion that makes us intrigued, motivated and happy.

How to Get Passion in a Relationship

Take Space

Take space and breaks regularly to serve as the fuel for passion and attraction in a relationship. Taking space away from our loved ones, we will set off the emotion of longing and wish for coming back together. This longing is a very good way of curling the passion and making the relationship spark to life once more and like in the time of old.

Leave Room For Mysteries And Surprises

As against what many people think, there’s absolutely no reason why you should tell your partner every single thing that can be known about you. It is, instead, very important that there are some aspects of your life that you should keep to yourself and incorporate into your daily living.

Leaving some things to the imagination of your partner is very important for your relationship because it is what is responsible for bringing passion into a relationship. Keeping some details about you to yourself and allowing your partner to find out more at different time, it will make the relationship become filled with more and more passion like it was in the first time.

Prioritize Passion in Your Relationship

One of the most frequently occurring issues in relationships is the situation where we want one person to be everything in the world and beyond, for you. i.e. You see your partner as your best friend, lover, co-parent, and on and on. While this isn’t bad or criminal, giving a person too many roles to fill in our lives most times lead to loss of quality in the marriage or relationship. If you want to grow your relationship in the area of passion, then you must prioritize such experience and raise them high and higher, there’s a need for you to prioritize your relationship needs.

Experience Yourself as a Passionate Person

There are a lot of times (most times actually) that we make it the duty of someone else to make us feel in a certain type of way when we could have actually get those efforts working on our own. If you really want to feel more and increase the passion in your relationship, you will have to experience yourself as a passionate person.

By making a conscious effort to become more and more passionate about yourself, the better it becomes for you to transfer the passion into the relationship with you and your partner. This definitely will give your relationship a new passion boost that is needed to get things into a hot and steaming point.


As simple as you’ve just read it. With the embrace o new things in a relationship, there’s overtime going to be a fall in the level of passion in such a relation or the fading of the entirety of the available passion in the relationship.

Growing up with time, incorporating new experiences into your relationship will all positively contribute to the passion felt and passed around in such a way that your relationship will become more and more passionate.

Never Stop Making Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures are one important part of an intimate relationship, and intimacy is one of the constituents of passion in a relationship. If the romantic atmosphere in your relationship has dwindled, giving it a raise or resurrection is very important in ensuring that the relationship gets infused with a fresh dose of passion and your marriage has been saved one more time.

Make Time For Date Night

Take time out to regularly go out for date night with your partner. Dining this will afford you enough couples’-time to catch up on different things and share more intimacy which will, in turn, lead to the reinvigorating of the passion in your relationship. Cuddling, regular sex, kiss and so on also make the relationship more passionate.

Also, if you’re worried about how to develop passion in a relationship, asides the above, other things you could do are; telling your partner at every opportunity about how much you love them and appreciate their presence in their life, incorporating goodnight kiss, good morning kiss and so on into the relationship. Also, you should ensure you continue to show appreciation and gratitude to your partner whenever they deserve it. Passion is a very important part of a relationship, therefore, taking time out to keep the passion in your relationship is essential for strengthening the relationship, making it highly recommended for you, your partner and your relationship as a whole.



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