Can Passionate Relationship Last?

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Romantic love is increasingly viewed as an essential component of marriage, as there are more than 90% of both men and women who stated that they are not going to marry someone that has all of the quality that the wanted, but they do not love. Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion or an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Passion actually gives a relationship the boost it needs to surpass any obstacle and lasts a longer time frame.

Passion vs Lust

When it comes to passion and lust, there are a lot of people who feel confused. While passion can be regarded as a strong and uncontrollable emotion, lust is a feeling of having an intense sexual desire. The main difference between passion and lust lies on the subject. Passion tends to focus on another person, while lust is a feeling to pleasure yourself. There is nothing wrong with both of them, although there are a lot of negative connotations when it comes to lust. Passion is often associated with anything about your partner. It can be about their life, their style, their happiness. Lust on the other hand only focuses on sexual desire.

So which one is good and which one is bad for a relationship?

The answer is neither. A passionate relationship will not be able to exist without lust, and with lust, you will only be focused on yourself and nothing else. A relationship should not have to choose between having the only passion or only lust. However, normally a relationship that is based on only lust will not be able to withstand. Lust fades. And once it does, then both you and your partner might not be able to feel attracted to one another. Passion, however, tends to last longer. This is given only if the passion does not only focuses on sex. A passionate relationship tends to have both of the partners willing to compromise and make sacrifices for each other and work hard for their love. This is, of course, one of the key ingredients to a long and lasting relationship.

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Why compassionate love can be the most powerful love?

Passion can be the best thing that ever happened to you, or it can also be the most dangerous thing. It all depends on the way you react to your passion. Are you letting your passion consume you? Or are you still able to find a way to hold you to your true self? Underneath are the reasons why a passionate relationship can be the strongest love that you have ever experienced:

1.Love focus

If you are passionate about your partner, then you will be able to love that person easier. The reason passion is not only bound on a physical appearance or intellectual ability. Passion can mean you are feeling strongly about anything that you found appealing! The more you are passionate about someone, the more you will be able to focus on the good quality of that person.

2.Chance of true love

If you combine your passion with love, then you might be able to find your true love after all. Love will give you a constant flow of feeling, that is accepting, while passion will make you give you the ability to boost a certain amount of energy towards someone.

Once you have found the combination between both of these, then you will be able to truly find the ideal and perfect relationship that everyone always wanted.


It easy to feel bored with someone. Especially if you have been in a long relationship with them. However, if you are passionate about them as well, then there is a minimal chance that you are going to lose your energy.
Passion can serve as an energy booster when you need it. When you are truly passionate about someone, then you will be able to feel a huge amount of unrelenting energy and yearning for that person. This means that you are leaving your relationship to a minimal chance of falling apart.

4.Living in the moment

Passion can make you truly live in the moment. As has been stated before, passion gives you a boost of energy. It encourages you to truly feel and enjoy the moment that you have had with your partner. This also encourages you to feel grateful for all the time that you have spent and that you are spending with your partner.

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There are a lot of passionate relationship signs. If you are in a passionate relationship, you will be able to make your relationship last longer. However, like everything else, you need to have a good balance of passion. Even a relationship that is supported with passion will not be able to last without another additional supporting aspect of a relationship such as communication, chemistry, and connection.

You also need to be able to balance out your passion. If you are too passionate about someone, you can end up being used by the wrong person. Your brain will basically stop functioning because passion can cloud your judgment. Passion can prevent you from seeing the real person behind your partner.

Another impact if you are too passionate about your partner, is that you can end up making fast and rash decisions. These kinds of decisions might not be able to be good for you. There are a lot of people who end up being together and end up regretting that decision. This is because that decision is not made with logical thinking but merely supported by passion. The most important thing to have a long-lasting passionate relationship is that you have to balance it with the logic and the best judgment that you can muster up that moment.



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