How to be confident in bed: tips and tricks

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Sexy as hell: How to be confident in bed?

Many people suffer from having lack of confidence while having sex. What are the best ways to boost your sexuality? How should you behave in bed, when you have a few imperfections? How to be confident in bed? These simple tips will help you feel more confident during sex with minimum effort.

  1. Tell your partner that you feel unsecure. What are you afraid of? Are you ashamed of your body? In case you cannot accept something during sex, just tell it to your partner. This way you will feel secure and more relaxed.
  2. Do not think. Feel. Most of sexual problems appear when you think too much while having sex. How am I looking right now? Have I shaved properly? Not to mention, your partner is unlikely to notice anything you are worried about. He or she is just having pleasure, so leave your worries behind and enjoy the moment!
  3. Change sexual positions. This trick is mostly for men. If you feel you are going to finish soon, just change your position and continue. This easy technique will delay your ejaculation.sext men
  4. If you have faced any failure during sex, avoid discussing the issue. Just laugh together and keep positive!
  5. If you want to become stronger and harder in bed, go in for sports. Being cardiovascularly fit can easily boost your sexual performance, making you feel more confident.
  6. Gain new knowledge. Being sexually educated gives you plenty of benefits. Thus, you are likely to feel sexier and provide more pleasure to your partner.
  7. Practice slow sex. Lack of intimacy might make you feel ashamed. If so, slow and soft sex is going to relax both of you and make you more sensitive.
  8. Try something new. If you are feeling unconfident due to unsuccessful experience, avoid doing same-old stuff. Try new techniques and sex toys to elevate your sexual life.
  9. Wear comfortable clothes. One of the handy prompts for ladies is to wear comfortable lingerie. If you do not like lace underwear, try sports style! Do not force yourself even if everyone finds it sexy.couple bed love sex
  10. Try psychotherapy. If you cannot relax and enjoy your sexual life at all, you might consider visiting a psychologist. It is worth mentioning, that most of sexual issues are solved in just a single visit to a professional.


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