Creating Sexual Tension Through the Eyes

couple in cafe holding hands

Non-verbal seduction

Seducing your partner through cheesy lines is pretty much the go-to option but nonverbal seduction is on another level and the time you spend during the process is irreplaceable. Nonverbal seduction took its place in modern society as most of the young girls and guys are looking for one night stands with no strings attached. They just want to satisfy their lust and move on with their lives by becoming a completely different person. To satiate their sex desires most of the people go to the clubs and raves. Loud music with powerful bass kills the chance of verbal flirtation and you are left with the only weapon that is nonverbal seduction.

One thing you should understand is that nonverbal seduction is a lot harder than the verbal. You might not agree with me because you might have gotten lucky sometime but believe me a great deal of effort goes in seducing women without saying a word. Without touching the body you have to train yourself to look for the girl who is interested in engagement. You need to train your eye to look her completely and eye her down for the next move.

couple looking ech other in eyes

Why eye contact is important?

Eye contact is the least discussed technique yet anyone can create sexual tension through the eyes by following the basics of non-verbal seduction. You need to learn the art of good eye contact and you can hone this only through experience. There is no bypass in the process if you know what I mean and believe me the advantages of sexy eye contact are numerous. Eye contact attraction does exist but you need to analyze the venue and her sexual intent. Clubs and bars are perfect for creating the sexual tension and girls/guys are willing to spend the amazing time with you but you if you are in office or subway you need to look out for the signs that the girl or guy is allowing the sexual gazes or is getting the creepy vibes, LOL.

dark-haired woman with dark eyes

Few basic rules for eye contact

Always be confident when you are engaging any women/men. Even if she or he is not showing any interest or giving the signs, a strong and persuasive eye contact might do the trick and you are in for the sweet ride. However, this trick needs to be calculated. If she/he is not showing any interest after the staggering looks, back off right away and look for the more willing individual.

Do not avoid eye contact. If a girl/guy is looking at you, she/he has made her 50% mind about you and you are in the green zone. All you have to do is to look back and let your eyes work their charms and just like these prolonged eye contact between man and woman, there are high chances of new relationships.

man and woman holding hands and lookin in eyes

• In the end, if you have managed to reel in the girl/guy through eye contact, does not matter by which approach, never ever break the eye contact. Let the eyes do all the talking and the special ambiance of that moment could really brighten up the day, more importantly, the night for b the both.

You can seduce a girl or a guy by following a certain pattern. In the start look into her left eye then shift slowly to the right eye and when she/he is curious with your tricks to look down at the lips seductively. This technique is known as the triangle gaze and can surely work every time in your favor.



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