How Often Do Married Couples Make Love?


Tips That Can Help Couples Make the Best of Their Sex Lives

Sex therapists have talked at different times on how often couples have sex and have made some suggestions and lovemaking tips to strengthen their marital bond.

There is no regulated or certified “normal” when it comes to sex among couples. While some couples make love frequently and for much during a single day, some other couples have witnessed their sex life dwindle and become less satisfactory by the day. If for a reason you are struggling with your sex life, this article is written for you to let you see that you’re not alone and to suggest tips to get your love life powered and back into full swing.

Statistics About the Sex Life of the Average Married Couple

According to statistics by Newsweek magazine, the average couple has sex 68.5 times in a year. This translates to 5-6 times a month and 1 or 2 times a week. The magazine also found out that in comparison to unmarried people, married couples have more sex per year than by 6.9 times.

There’s another source that says that married couples under the age of 30 have sex about 112 times a year.

Playboy’s 2019 sex survey said most married couples place great value on sex and that when they have an exclusive sexual relationship with their partner, the relationship is always more satisfactory.

A Global survey conducted by Durex reveals that 44% of couples are dissatisfied with the marital sex life, while over 50% agreed that having a healthy sex life as a couple as a lot of emotional benefits. The survey also revealed the different perspectives of couples on sex. From the feel of better attractiveness to a healthier body and reduced stress, couples agree that having a healthy sex life is very important. Also, they revealed tab poor work-balance, lack of satisfaction at a job, financial lack, etc are contributing factors to a less-than-good sex life among married couples.

A study by the University of Chicago “The Social Organization of sexuality: Sexual practices in the United States” revealed that 32% of married couples have sex 2 to 3 times a week, 80% have sex just a few times a month or more and only about 47% have sex a few time a month.

David Schnarch, PhD studied 20,000 couples and discovered that 26% have sex once a week.

More and more of these statistics fly around and whatever it is, the main thing is that for your relationship to be strengthened, there’s a need to have a healthy sexual relationship. And the majority of sex therapists agree that having sex for less than 10 times in one year should be a red flag and a reason to be worried about your sex life. While it doesn’t really mean your marriage is in trouble, it definitely is a point to be worried and concerned about. A sexless marriage is more prone to detachment, infidelity, anger, lack of forgiveness and divorce than relationships than the ones sexually active.

Bring Your Sex Drive to a High Level

To get your sex life into a desirable and satisfactory state, there are a lot of things that need to be in place, just as there is a whole of things that can cause the problem in the first place. And like every aspect of a marriage or relationship, the quality of your sex life depends very much on the compromise you are willing to make for it.

It might seem a hard nut to crack, especially if you have a very tight and busy schedule. All these things might seem more important to you than sex or any thought of it. If you, however, are willing to give it a chance, sex can be fun in your relationship again, just like it was at the beginning. This is also important in keeping your communication and connection with your partner as strong as could be and to strengthen the bond you share.
This at first might require you to schedule your sex times and creating more times as the sex becomes more intimate and refreshing for you and your partner.

If you find it a bit hard to pick up and just go straight to enjoyable sex, you might start with simple regular hugs during the day, from whence you’d take it up a notch to making out, and finally get down to the sex proper. Don’t forget to spice it up with different styles and creativity to avoid getting monotonous and falling right back into the trap of “boring sex”.

Hug your partner every day, engage in exercise that will help you increase your testosterone levels, kill every possible distraction like the TV, radio, computer and even your mobile phone whenever you are in an intimate time. If after all these, you or your partner still feel at a loss for sexual intimacy, you can always visit a sex therapist. Remember a sexless relationship tends to be toxic than the ones with active sexual intimacy.



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