Importance of Intimacy in a Relationship

a woman in a a man's shirt kissing a man
Love is in the air, between those two lovely birds.

When we begin to talk about relationships, intimacy is one word you can’t avoid. It is such an important term in relationships. For a long-term relationship, intimacy is important. Being intimate just does not mean to make love or have intercourse it is more than that. For every couple, intimacy means differently. For some people, it might be just sex, but for some people, it can be everything else except sex. When I mean intimate here, it just does not denote having intercourse with your partner. It means more than that. It is a special bonding that gels two people perfectly. It just allows the couple a lot of time with each other. This time spent is quality time and it is not spent with each other but also for each other.

Small gestures are not small always

Intimacy strengthens the bond between the couple and by intimacy, I would like to mention that it can be just eye contact or cuddling, or sometimes even just talking to each other. A simple hug can also be intimate. Even though I call it a simple hug, it is not simple. It is a lovely emotion that makes you feel so special and warm. For some people, this feeling of belonging to someone is just enough. It makes a great start for their lovely day ahead. Sometimes, gestures like a smile or a hug or a kiss mean so much to a person that they treasure that moment throughout their life.

Hormone reaction and intimacy

In all of these activities, our brain releases oxytocin hormone. This hormone makes you feel fresh and bursts your stress. This bonding is also responsible for the relationship to be carried to the next level of trust. Trust builds as you get more intimate with your mate. It brings in a stronger companionship between the two. Being intimate not only means heading to the bedroom. Sometimes, cuddling on the couch and watching a cricket match or a favorite movie together can also mean a lot. It involves deep emotional bonding. This is a physical relationship meaning.

Having said all this, we must also agree that physical intimacy is also important. The physical touch from your spouse either romantically or otherwise brings you close to each other. The absence of sex in a couple’s relationship can be boring. It is not only needed to emotionally strengthens the bond but also required for the physical goodness of both.

a couple in bed and a man kissing a woman in white t-shirt

The necessity of physical relation in love

It is a greater expression of love towards each other. In most cases, the relationship is likely to get over because of a lack of physical intimacy. Here is the answer to the question is the physical relation necessary in love? It is of course necessary. It takes the partners close to each other. It is responsible for increasing their happiness. It is for this reason that many people are addicted to this. It is also a good gesture. It gives them a feeling of togetherness and they can’t be without each other even for a single night. This deepens the love between them. This bond that they develop takes their relationship to the next level. Even as they age, they will be close to each other holding each other’s arm and enjoying life together.


As I said before, sex relieves most people from stress. A hectic day full of stress and frustrations can easily be solved by this lovely gesture. It can relieve you from sleeplessness. It is found in a survey that couples tend to have a deep sleep after intercourse. Even for couples who are tired after a long day’s work, this proves right. Physical intimacy is also said to reduce blood pressure. Researches also have proved that it can reduce the risk of heart attacks and prostate cancer in men.


Being physically intimate also improves the chemistry between couples. This physical intimacy actually starts as an act of lust. But this later develops into a bonding. As the couple age, it is just lust. It is like a give and takes a policy and a process for a better connection with each other. There are so many instances, where sex is said to resolve so many fights between the couple.

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Man’s perception

Is physical relationship important in true love? Of course, it is. But it has two dimensions. In the man’s perception and woman’s perception. According to men, mostly the act of love-making or having a sexual relationship is intimacy. Very few men don’t belong to this group and most of them are of the same view.

Woman’s perception

For the woman, it is not the mere act of making love. They feel the closeness in every gesture from their loved one. This feeling of closeness is intimacy according to women. It does not mean that they don’t approve of sex, but they can’t feel that intimacy without the closeness. So, it is two different things for men and women. Women always fancy small things and live in their own world.

Like we discussed earlier, the release of oxytocin at the time of physical intercourse makes one stress-free, it also releases testosterone and estrogen. Both these hormones are responsible for making you look fresh, young, and energetic.



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