No Strings Attached Relationships: Consequences

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No Strings Relationship Rules

Not having sex often

Even if the no strings attached relationship rules are mostly about sex, you will not be loving that person. That means there are no strings attached, which can end up being a problem more often than not. It’s a tremendous opportunity and a rewarding experience that you will appreciate and enjoy quite a lot all the time. The experience will shine and it will be a very fun one no matter the situation.


This is an issue and it becomes a very important problem that you have to eliminate as fast as possible. It’s all about understanding the process and actively finding a way to make things better if you can. You will love the way everything works and that’s what really matters. Try to be available as this is one of the no strings attached ground rules. And it’s also the right thing to do too, so consider it wisely and you will have really good results no matter what.

One might settle down

Let’s face it, the no strings attached relationship will work for a while, but at the end of the day, one of you will settle down. And that means he will move on to something better. Which makes a lot of sense, as you always want something better and more cohesive for you. It won’t be an easy thing to do for sure, but if you try it wisely and work to your advantage it might very well deliver the experience and results you expect.

It can be a one-sided relationship

Just like any relationship, even if there are some no strings attached relationship rules one of the parties can still develop feelings. And it hurts to not have the other person respond to the feelings. Instead, they just want to have sex and that can be a problem. You need to improve the way you think about this relationship, and it makes sense to have the right no strings attached ground rules.

The no strings attached relationship rules are very important and you have to know exactly what you expect from this. Some want more than the no strings attached relationship really is, and it can backfire. But if you get into it with the right approach and you know what you are getting into, the payoff can be second to none. If you do it wisely then nothing will stand in your way and you will enjoy the process more than ever before. Just commit to it and you will be fine.



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