Open relationships: How do they work and can they last?

How do open relationship work?

Unveiling truth of open relationships: How do they work and can they last?

Have you ever heard about open relationship? What is an open relationship definition? Can it really work? We have good news for you! Numerous psychologists, as well as happy couples prove that open relationship is a kind of norm for thousands of people. However, if you’ve always been monogamous, you might still ask yourself ‘Should I try it? Is it acceptable for me and my partner?’ Below we’ve collected some answers on the most common questions about open relationship rules.

the most common questions about open relationship rules

Open relationship meaning

Open relationship is a kind of non-monogamy relationship that allows its partners to have romantic and sexual contacts with other partners (both same and opposite sex.) There are plenty of categories of open relationship, including polyamory, monogamy and relationship anarchy. Although each category has its own peculiarities, all of them has certain similarities. How to find a partner, ready for the open relationship?

Do open relationships work?

Online dating solutions. The easiest and the most effective option to study the ‘open relationship market’ in the Internet. You can look for a couple to join, or you might find a partner, who is ready to diversify his or her life with plenty of partners. You can use search terms, like ‘sex positive’ or ‘polyamory’ and choose the best options for you.

Investigate your boundaries. You will need to answer plenty of questions to yourself absolutely honestly. Do you want to have several boyfriends simultaneously? How do you find having sex with several partners at the same time? Do you feel comfortable, when your partner is having sex with the others in your bedroom? Do you want to have a long-term relationship? Note, some people live in such families for years, have kids and are absolutely happy.

open relationship rules

Talk to your partner. If you are currently in the relationship and want to open it, you will need to have a serious talk with your partner. If he or she is ready to accept it, start with the basics of the long-term relationship. However, in case your beloved is not ready to share your bedroom with someone else, avoid lying and look for another partner (or just stay monogamy).

Set the boundaries. If you are lucky to find a partner, who shares your views, you will need to set up certain open relationship rules. Sincere communication is your key to success. This way, you will avoid drama or pain from both sides.



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