Prolonged Eye Contact between Man and Woman: the Secret Truth

eye contact

The Secret Power of Prolonged Eye Contact between Man and Woman.

The body language of your partner can tell you plenty of important things. Among the most common secret signs of the body is the prolonged eye contact. However, in different cases it might have different meanings. How can you find out, what the prolonged eye contact between man and woman mean? Does your partner really like you? Read on below!

Prolonged Eye Contact between Man and Woman: the Possible Meanings

  1. He is flirting. The most common reason, why a man is staring at you with no reason is that he is trying to flirt. If someone is interested in you, he might combine a prolonged eye contact with some extra flirting techniques. If you really like this person, just smile or talk to him. If not, break the eye contact and avoid too close approaching.

Eye Contact

  1. He wants to attract your attention. If a person likes you, he might also try to catch your attention. For whatever reason (talking about your report or about your new haircut), he wants to make you notice him.
  2. He is trying to tell you something. Sometimes, the prolonged eye contact between man and woman does not mean any sexual attraction. In these cases, the eye contact is usually superposed with a nod of the head or other body movements. Perhaps, he just wants to point you on something important that cannot be said at this very moment.
  3. He is just daydreaming. The simple reason why he is staring on you might be a simple daydreaming. This way, someone is focused at you not intentionally; he is just thinking about something else. If this happened only once, just don’t pay attention to this occasion.

Prolonged Eye Contact between Man and Woman: Tips for Couples

Prolonged Eye Contact

If you’ve been already in relations, the prolonged eye contact might mean a wide variety of things. Expressing the deep love, security or, in some cases, doubt or disappointment – all these feelings might become the main reason of the long eye contact between partners.

Just listen to your heart and you’ll definitely find out, why your loved one is looking at you for a long time!



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