Pros and Cons for Hook-ups During Vacation

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Love on Holiday: Pros and Cons of Vacation Hookups

Vacation is usually one of the brightest periods of people’s lives. You might be visiting new places, trying new cuisines, getting unforgettable memories and positive emotions. Happy people are more open-minded and adventurous. That is why hookup during vacation is a common issue for thousands of guys and ladies. However, love on holiday has its benefits along with some cons you should know in advance.

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Pros of Hookups During Holidays

1. Diversify your sex life. If you are completely tired of your daily routine, you might easily initiate a short-term hookup while spending your holidays. This way, you will get even more benefits from your vacation, since you will rest both physically, mentally and sexually. Casual sex might elevate your mind and provide a wide range of cool emotions.

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2. Sexual experiments. Casual sex with someone you hardly know can help you to experiment with your sexuality. If you are not ready to offer some new adventurous or dirty techniques to your long-term partner, you might try it with a stranger. This way, you will try something you really want with no shame.

3. Boost your self-esteem. If you find someone, who finds you incredibly sexy, your self-esteem might easily flourish. Feeling pretty good and confident is another benefit of holiday romance.

4. No responsibilities. Any long-term relationship always includes a wide range of responsibilities and duties from both sides. Casual sex is only about having pleasure.

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5. No rules. Holiday romance has no particular rules for dating. Just spend time together, have fun and relax!

Cons of Love on Holiday

1. Health issues. STI and a wide range of different illnesses are more likely to get, when you often change your sexual partners. Therefore, pay extra attention for your security: don’t forget about birth control, condoms or other alternative ways of contraception.

2. Moral issues. People on holidays tend to cheat their long-term partners. That is why you might become a subject of cheating without even knowing it. It might be really disappointing to know that you’ve become the reason of ending someone’s serious relationship.

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3. Confuse. Your relationship will be completely undefined. Can you date with another match the same time with your new crush? Are you dating? All these questions are really embarrassing. Furthermore, you might suddenly fall in love with your hookup partner.

4. Self-worth. Hooking up with numerous partners derogates the traditional dating with its mutual respect, love and support. You just count on nothing. Furthermore, if you feel your partner shows no interest to your personality, your self-esteem might significantly decrease.

5. Harder to find traditional relationship. If you get used for casual sex with people you hardly know, it might soon become difficult to find the true love. Note: monogamous relationship usually starts with classical dating rather than love on holiday.



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