The Body Language of People With Sexual Tension


When you are sexually attracted to someone, you tend to manifest some physical signs that suggest the same. You may want to conceal it, but the sexual tension body language is too loud for that. There are no words that can explain this strange feeling, the only experience can best express it. It’s intriguing, slightly scaring and exciting at the same time. The excitement it gives you about your attraction is out of this world.

A very strong and prolonged sexual tension might lead to an explosive and wild sexual encounter. This is because the mind has been prepared for too long, and the body has been anticipating the same.

Sexual Tension Body Language Signs

You simultaneously steal glances at each other

More often, you will find yourself stealing glances at each other. Sometimes you might lock your eyes together linger than usual. Time does not seem to pass during this period. You feel so connected that the long stares do not feel uncomfortable. This will trigger some feelings and elevate the heart rate. This is one sure sign of sexual tension.

a man in white shirt looking in eyes of a woman

You always want to impress the one you are attracted to

The thought of seeing your crush raises the desire of dressing to kill. You want to look best just to catch their attention. Many times you will find the clothes you wear when you anticipate meeting them have a seductive touch. The dress might be a little bit high or shows some cleavage. Guys might want to flaunt their abs. One will always show their sexual appeal intentionally. More often than not, you will tend to change your personal character. You might mold it to fit the expectation of your attraction. If such behavior is not habitual, then you are reading some sexual tension body language signs.

couple sitting at the wall and laughing

You keep fantasizing about them

When you have a sexual tension towards someone, you can’t get them off your mind. Sometimes your mind can go the extra mile of undressing them. Their image keeps distracting your mind when you are carrying on activities of the day. This elevates the sexual tension. It will be harder for you to concentrate on your favorite TV show. When this happens, just know you have been swept below the feet.

There’s usually a strange connection between the two, they might find themselves fantasizing simultaneously. Every time you remember them you end up with a coy smile. Memories of them melt your heart. All you want to do is tightly hold a pillow and imagine it is them. When it gets here, it’s better to reduce the tension by taking the relationship to the next level.

You feel like a teenager in love

Whenever you are around them, you experience some goose bumps and butterflies in the stomach. Isn’t this the same feeling with your first love back in high school? I think it is. When someone tends to trigger this feeling, it shows that they give you some sexual tension. Do you need anything else to confirm it? Of cos not. A person you have sexual tension with will at times make you feel nervous. It can make you feel like you are growing down.

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You tend to share sexual conversations a lot

When you are left alone with them, your conversations tend to take a sexual turn. A lot of awkward flirty talks emerge. Other times you might find yourselves talking about your past sexual experiences. Other times it might be sexual expectations or your favorite sex styles. You will not realize how these conversations are unless you take your time to think about it.
When you find yourself experiencing any of the above, you do not a rocket scientist to explain any science in it.

You will dream about them

It is not only your body that is getting the attraction here, but your subconscious mind is also up to the game. You may not notice, but you will start experiencing these funny dreams. Maybe about you camping together, having some kind of adventure or even getting intimate, ooh! Your mind can play games too? This should not worry you, it is totally fine. It just shows you have a strong sexual tension.

a man in dark blazer and a woman in black coat

Friends will be commenting about your chemistry

Some sexual tensions are just like flu, they are hard to hide. You might find yourselves subconsciously sharing some suggestive jokes amidst people, or exchanging some non-verbal cues during an office meeting. This will definitely click in your colleagues’ minds that something is going on. As a result, you will hear them talk of how you two can make a good couple.
In a case where one of you is in a relationship, you will find your significant other getting jealous. Crushes too can get jealous.

You just feel it

Yes, Sexual tension is a feeling. It is there. It brings forth an excitement you can’t explain. Your attraction brightens up your day. You have an outburst of energy. They keep you motivated. Sometimes it gets too strong that all you need is to have sex with the person. However, this might be the death of the feeling, or if you are lucky enough, it might be the birth of a long lasting relationship.



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