Things That Kill Passion In A Relationship


As love is necessary for a relationship, passion is very important too. Many times, couples take it for granted and at last face the problems. Most of the relationship problems arise due to losing passion in a relationship. When one person in a relationship loses passion, it is bearable to the second one as well. This can happen even when there is love in both of you but no passion can make a relationship work for too long.

There are various stages in a relationship from where both the partners go through. No passion is one of the stages. There are various things that might be killing the passion from your relationship.

Losing Passion in a Relationship

This is a very painful situation for both partners. Here are the situations that kill passion in a relationship that both of you can avoid.

1. Criticism

Don’t criticize your partner even after a fight. Criticism is something that is not liked by anyone. So, you need to take care of this, do not criticize in any situation whether it is good or bad. It cannot work in favor of the relationship. So, if you are doing this already then this is the high time, stop criticizing your partner.

2. Insults

Insulting your partner shows that you don’t respect him and do not understand his viewpoint. If you can’t take insult yourself, then how can you expect that your partner can cope up with the insult too. Don’t ever insult your partner or make fun of him/her, especially in front of people. This way you are just making your relationship worse which is on the edge of getting destroyed.

3. Defensive Attitude

This is not good for a relationship; a defensive attitude is not right as this shows that you don’t give your partner the same value and respect. Every relationship is two-sided and the effort should be from both sides too. So, a defensive attitude shows the superiority of one partner over the other. Always maintain a balance in a relationship and give 50-50% of your share to the relationship.

4. No Sign of Interest

In a relationship, there have to be interest from both of the partner. Even when you are not interested in your partner then don’t show this, as a lack of interest from either side will make lose passion from the relationship.

5. Neglect the Partner

Do not ever neglect your partner, as neglecting your partner will make him/her upset, which is not the idea of a relationship. In a relationship both the partners need to give importance to each other. By neglecting your partner, you are hurting their feelings.

6. No Communication

Good communication is a very essential criterion for a relationship. Good communication can make a relationship work and bad communication can make a relationship end. This is a double edge sword, which can work in your favor as well as against you too. So, why not make communication act in favor of your relationship. And try to communicate with each other.

7. No Emotional Intimacy

There is a high need for emotional intimacy in a relationship. You and your partner should connect at an emotional level. Without being emotionally connected, you cannot share your bond well. It is due to no emotional intimacy that most of the relationships fail to work and even end in breakup or divorce.

8. Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding is the very beginning of any relationship problems. You need to understand your partner very well to make your relationship work. Misunderstandings generally arise when you don’t try to understand your partner, and you only try to prove yourself right. Sometimes you can be wrong too, just give yourself some time to think.

9. Attention to Appearance

After a point of time, partners generally start to lose interest and not give attention to their outer appearance. This can make your partner lose interest in you too. Maybe you are not looking the way, how you appeared at starting of the relationship.

10. Stress in Relationship

Every couple should understand how to manage stress in a relationship. Stress in a relationship is a very common thing that happens with every couple. But how you manage stress makes a change in your relationship.

11. Lack of Trust

In any relationship, trust is the most important thing you need. You have to trust your partner. If you don’t have trust in your partner, then even your partner is loyal to you the relationship cannot work. And it cannot work for too long.

12. Insecurity

If you or your partner have insecurities in the mind then things will end up in the worst condition. As during insecurities, we often restrict our partner for doing things. This will make them feel like they are in a cage and they will not feel free with you in any condition. With the feeling of insecurity, you are losing your relationship more.

13. No Physical Intimacy

When there is no physical intimacy between the partners, this can also make the partners lose passion for each other. Physical intimacy is as important as the above-stated points.


There are many ups and downs in a relationship. But how you face every phase of your relationship is what makes your relationship different from others or stand out from others. Good relationships are hard to find, so if you have the right one by your side. Then don’t make any mistake from the above ones or any other mistake which will result as an end of a relationship.



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