Tips For Men: How to Hit her G Spot Easily

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Reach Her G Spot: Tips and Prompts for Guys

There is nothing new that clitoral and vaginal orgasms are completely different. While clitoral orgasm is usually easy to provide your lady using your fingers or penis, vaginal orgasm often remains to be unachievable. However, it is more powerful, long and totally awesome. In most cases, hitting G spot will lead to vaginal orgasms and might give your girlfriend really unforgettable moments.

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What is G Spot? How to Find It?

G spot is a special extremely sensitive place in her vagina. If you reach it, your lady is likely to scream from pleasure, since stimulation of G spot leads to feelings of high intense and provide the brightest orgasms she ever had.

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Tips on How to Reach Lady’s G Spot

– Learn her anatomy. To find your lady’s G spot, it’s important to know some basics about female body. G-spot is located just a few inches far in her vagina. So, yes, you can easily hit it.

– Pay attention to the foreplay. If you want to be successful, you will need to warm up your lady. Furthermore, if she is burning from desire, you might look for G spot even without her knowing!

– Start with hands. The easiest way to reach her miraculous place is to use your fingers. Just insert your finger in her vagina and start making a “come here” moves. This simple trick is the hottest technique for finding woman’s G spot.

– Communicate. Be careful and don’t hurry up. Watch the signs of her body and listen, what your lady is telling you. This might help you to investigate her preferences and dislikes. Moreover, she can even tell you the moment you hit the spot.

– Use lubricators. Proper lubrication is vital for hitting her G spot. Lubricate her vagina, as well as your fingers for maximum effect.

– Take some time. Finding the spot is not a matter of just a few minutes. Take it slow and avoid being lazy. Not to mention, you might not find it from the first time. Try harder the next time to boost your efforts.

– Choose a proper position. If you can’t reach the spot with your fingers or simply can’t wait anymore, choose doggy style position. Move her hips, start slow and just relax.

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– Avoid changing too many positions. If you want to provide your lady an unforgettable orgasm from penetration, find special position that she likes more than others and repeat frictions. Male your job done with ease.

– Try to add sex toys. There are some kinds of sex toys that can stimulate both her clitoris and G spot in vagina. Simultaneous orgasm might be really mind-blowing.

Although hitting G spot might seem challenging from the first glance, it is still worth to find it. Use different techniques, toys and positions and you will definitely make your girl feel on the cloud nine.



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