Tips for Men on How to Increase Sexual Tension

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It is with no reasonable doubt that you have has this strange desire towards someone. It’s good if you are experiencing it. Do not run away from it, however, welcome it with an open heart. This sexual attraction towards someone can happen to anybody, whether married or single, but when married it’s safe to create it with your significant other.

Ways to Increase Sexual Tension

Gently touch her

Gentle physical contact is so sensual. Create opportunities to touch her. Let the touch be gentle and longer than obvious. Make it habitual until she notices. This will trigger her imagination and start thinking of you.

Do not be quick in making the touches too obvious, let her think it was accidental. In the beginning, you might apologize for the accidental touches. It should not be too much in the beginning, however, increase the frequency as she gets comfortable with you. However, do not make it so obvious in order to keep her guessing. With time the sexual tension between the two of you will be mutual.

Maintain longer than normal eye contact

When having a conversation with her, look her straight into the eyes. Sometimes, pause to just gaze at her. Let her feel like you are holding back some information. Do not make the stare so plain. Let her feel you desire to be with her through your facial expressions. Look at her in a way to suggest you are appreciating her femininity. Keep her guessing and with time the sexual tension will be at the ceiling.

couple holding hands and maintaining eye contact

Compliment her

Every woman loves compliments. It will make her blush if it is about her physique. Make it flirty but not dirty. It should not sound so obvious though. Say something like how you love how she ‘swings’ as she walks. Her knowledge of your sexual attraction towards her will help in building sexual tension. When doing this, make sure it is not in public as it may offend her.

Stand close to her

Whenever an opportunity occurs, stand really close to her without making physical contact. The feeling of your masculinity in her personal space will elevate the sexual tension. Make it look unintentional, otherwise, it will end up creepy on her side.

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Be flirty with her

When talking, try to be flirty whenever the opportunity presents itself. Do not go overboard and talk dirty, but you can get there when you are sure that the feeling is mutual. Keep your conversations long and interesting. Be cautiously suggestive. Make her want to listen to you more, when you achieve this, you will have successfully colonized her mind. All she can think of is you, and the sexual tension will consequently increase.

Apply the pull-push technique

This method will keep her anticipating your next move. You seem interested but you deny it in public, maybe the chemistry is so obvious that your colleagues but you still denying it. This show of interest and disinterest will make her eager. It is a very powerful tool in building sexual tension.

a man and a woman maintaining eye contact

Avoid physical intimacy

The greatest killer of sexual tension is sex. Sexual tension is basically an urge that both parties are avoiding, and just like thirst, once the urge is fulfilled, then the feeling is gone. Avoiding or postponing any situation that may lead to physical intimacy will keep the fire of physical intimacy burning.

Occasionally, send some flirty messages

Worlds melt the heart. I might be more impactful if these words can be revised. A carefully written flirty message may play a big role in firing up sexual tension. Sometimes the text might be as simple as “I miss staring at your beautiful face” or a lengthy explanation on how you love spending time with her. This will spur a line of thought and consequently elevate the feeling.

Give lengthy and passionate goodbyes

Goodbyes can be painful, especially from a person you desire to spend a long time with. In a chance you are dropping her home, employ any method possible for the goodbye to be longer than usual. Give her a tight hug and hold on to her for some minutes. Utilize that moment whispering some sweet nothings in her ears. This is not just intriguing but also romantic. Tell her how you would have loved to spend a long time with her. Let her know you will miss her. This will give her a feeling of being wanted. It is a positive thing in building up the attraction.

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Dress flashily

Your dress choice will help you stand out in a crowd, if you are noticeable, it is obvious that your crush will notice you too. For a guy, make sure your masculine physique is well presented, for ladies, a little cleavage would do. However, do not overdo things, it might be a total turnoff. Carefully select your attire to fit the occasion, but add a sexual touch.

Let it remain a secret

Sexual tension is exciting when it is between two parties. Therefore, keeping it out of the public domain will give it a longer interesting existence. In other cases, it might be more exciting when you don’t make it too obvious to your crush. Let them keep guessing.

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