Wagers to Spice Up Your Love Life


A good without spice will mostly taste bland, and that is exactly how it is with marriage and love life. Without spice, it can lose its appeal to both parties. If you’ve ever discovered that the zeal and zest in your relationship are wearing off, this might be because you’re now very much comfortable with your partner and you’ve overlooked some things that made you come together in the first place. In situations like such, there are some wagers to spice up your love life and spark the romance back to life.

How to Spice Up Your Love Life

There are different spices that you can add to the broth of your love life. While we wouldn’t exhaust the ideas, we will together look at important ideas that will work very well and bring back the old sparks to the relationship.

The Power of Touch

It’s as simple as it comes, never underestimate the power of touch. If you feel that you and your partner no longer have loving contacts with each other, this is the time to bring back the touch of love into your relationship. Kisses, hugs and cuddling regularly will help maintain your physical connection and this will increase the feeling of affection for each other. There, you would have spiced up your love life with your partner.

Dress a Little Sexier

One answer to the question of how to spice up your marriage is to go the way of sexy dressing. A lot of couples without noticing, usually give up on this as their relationship progresses. However, this a potent wager to spice up your love life. If your partner has a cloth or color in which he/she likes to see you in, incorporating it into your dressing will make them admire you more. You can even take it to wear sexy lingerie around the house and giving your partner something to decide about you. This is definitely going to bring back some of those old sparks into your relationship.

Take a Bath Together, And Be Romantic With It

Not just going into the bathroom together with your partner, but getting really romantic with it. Imagine running a bath with your partner surrounded by scented flowers and lit candles plus soft music to relax to. Help your partner shampoo their hair, throw water at each other and share laughs from the heart. This is definitely a sure way to spice things up in your relationship.

Go On Unusual Dates

Sometimes, clear your schedule at work and create a time for your partner for a quick weekend getaway, organize and surprise your partner with a special date in an unusual and awesome place, or even a morning timeout to a local café during weekends. When you do this regularly, you will be adding the needed spice to your love life, and ensuring it doesn’t go bad because of the inactivity of the couples.

Be Creative in the Bedroom

This is a good answer to the question of how to spice up your relationship sexually. Trying new things in your bedroom will add renewed vigor to your sexual time. You do not have to always repeat the same thing every day. Incorporate role-playing into your sex to spice things up, check out Kama sutra, get creative and engage in sexual plays that will add spice to your sexual life and the relationship as a whole.

Incorporate Making Out

Making out is not only for teenagers. Remember when you and your partner newly met, did you make out? Did you love the feeling? If yes, then bringing back the idea of making out with your partner will definitely do your relationship a world of good. It helps you bring back the thrill of that lip to lip, exciting and adrenaline-themed fun back into your relationship, and with it, comes the old spark and romance and you’ll discover that your marriage is looking a lot better.

Wine Time is Partners Time!

Yes, I said it! Wine time is partner time. Sit out on your porch side by side and look out into the starlit sky, relaxing to a bottle of wine and talking about things. You can also have your wine by the fireplace as you wish, but the communication aided by wine is what does the magic, think about the old times and share laughs together. This will bring back the old vigor and spark into your relationship and get your relationship spiced up. Not a wine person? Juice or any beverage will do just fine. It is not about the drink, it is about the person you’re having the drink with and the communication being shared at such a time.

Share Sexy Messages With Each Other

Remember how it was at first? How you both will send sexy and flirty messages to each other? Comfort and growth usually take all those away from couples. However, paying a revisit to such activities will bring the spice back into your love life. Send flirty, sexy and romantic messages, texts and emails with your partner regularly. You can even get adventurous with it and leave naughty notes in your partner’s bags, shirt pockets, car, pillow and any other place you know they’ll find the notes. All these will improve the quality of your love life, and help you spice things up in your relationship.



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