Women’s Biggest Mistakes in Bed

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Top Common Mistakes Ladies Make in the Bedroom

Sex is a really important part of any healthy relationship. There are plenty of ways to make it brighter and more diverse. You might use awesome lingerie, sex toys and be really horny, but still disappointing for your boyfriend in the sexual sphere. How to become the sex diva and amaze your partner? What are the most common mistakes ladies make while having sex? Below you will find a list of things you shouldn’t do to make both of you get great orgasms.

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Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex

– Bad hygiene. A perfect smell is vital when it comes to having fun in the bedroom. Don’t forget to take shower, always use your deo and get rid of undesirable hair before having sex. Although it sounds simple, many ladies still think that their partners should accept their “natural smell’. No way, girls!

– Thinking too much about small imperfections of your body. You might be shy, but try to become more confident in the bedroom anyway. Everyone has their own imperfections and having sex is not the best time to think of your little drawbacks. Not to mention, most guys don’t pay attention to things you might find fat or not pretty.

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– Lie about your orgasms. How can you reach orgasm, if you always fake it? Just tell your partner what makes you really hot and enjoy your sexual life on full! Although this is one of the most common sex mistakes women make in bed, it’s really easy to put right.

– Avoid taking initiative. Guys are usually the initiators of having sex. However, if you feel horny now, why shouldn’t you seduce your partner? Chances that he will support your innovation.

– Avoid oral sex. Most guys are keen on oral sex. If your boyfriend is among them, it’s a good idea to offer this pleasure for him. If you are new to the world of oral smooch, start with small gestures and just pay more attention to his willy.

– Talking too much. Although you might want to show your boyfriend the best techniques to please you, try to talk less in the bedroom. Just show what you really want and relax.

– Being selfish. Your boyfriend also likes hugs, kisses and petting. Don’t skip the foreplay to make him burning from desire.

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– Giving too much. Most ladies want to impress their partners in bedroom and even forget about themselves. Remember that good sex is always a game for two.

– Using teeth. If you are going down your boyfriend, avoid using your teeth. In most cases it’s not hot and might be even painful.

– Getting to comfy. Having sex in the old-fashioned bra or dirty pants is always a bad idea. Impress your beloved with cute lingerie and make sure you have a totally awesome look.



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