Signs of Relationship That Won’t Last


Everyone wants the perfect relationship we see in movies. A relationship, built with love and so romantic that it will leave people around in awe and amazement. Well, there is no such thing as a 100% perfect relationship as people say. This doesn’t mean that there are no romantic, healthy, relationships out there. There are also relationships that are platonic and sometimes end in disaster.

Almost all relationships pass through different stages before that blissful love is achieved. Before you enter into a new relationship, it is advisable for you to know the stages of a relationship. These are what you should expect in each stage.

Stages of a relationship:

  1. Friendship Stage: In this stage, the two people involved have established communication. This might be your friendly neighbor you greet each time you are on your way to work. You talk to him/her when you want to enquire about something in your neighborhood. It might be your co-worker, your banker, etc. In this stage, both of you are comfortable talking to each other.
  2. Attraction or Allure stage: In this stage, the friendship is going to another level. You become fascinated with the other person and tend to start becoming attracted to him/her. Most times if the other person feels the same way too, the relationship moves to the next stage. The relationship might remain in the friendship stage(friend zone) if they are not feeling the vibe.
  3. Romance Stage: in this stage, you both have burning desires for each other. you are communicating always, always hanging out. you think he/she is the most perfect person you’ve ever met. In this stage, both partners become obsessed and intimate with each other. Most times both partners don’t notice the flaws of the other person.
  4. Scuffle or Struggle Stage: In this stage, the romance is burning slow and not as ferocious as before. your head is straight and you can see now. You start noticing the bad habits, traits, and flaws of your partner. You start thinking of ways to correct this. Sometimes, you give advice and when it seems they are not hearing you, you start reacting and they also react too. This stage of the relationship is associated with pain, depression, worries. Sometimes it might get violent.
  5. Co-operation Stage: This is the stage whereby you tend to have seen the other side of your partner. you then, accept them for who they are. Sometimes the other partner changes his/her bad habits or reduces the rate of occurrence. Sometimes you have to ignore the bad habits or walk around it. This stage is associated with the partners forming a type of partnership bond. They help each other in almost everything they are able to and the flow is there. The co-operation stage is a sign of a relationship that will be long-lasting.
  6. Blissful Love Stage: This is that stage that all lovers want to meet. in this stage the partners behave like one and are in perfect harmony and committed to each other. They tend to understand each other more. They can even read the moods and body signals of their partners. In this stage, the partners are very much comfortable with each other. Most times, both partners start planning their future life with each other.

These six stages are the normal stages most relationship passes through. Although, one cannot be so sure that their relationship will last long. It is always sad to invest a lot of time in a new relationship. Then, in the end, the relationship did not stand the test of time. There are hints and signs you should look out for in a new relationship. These signs will help you know if your relationship will not last.

How to Tell if Your Relationship Won’t Last:

  1. Uncomfortable or Unsettling: If in a relationship you are not always yourself. You always feel nervous, due to constant seeking of validation from your partner. This relationship might not last long. When you notice this, it is best to make a decision and take action immediately before it’s too late.
  2. You Can’t Rely on Him/Her: Is your partner not always keeping to time for a date you both planned? Does not show up for dates and events you invited him/her to? Then, this relationship is heading for the rocks and you need to do something about it.
  3. Is Not Attentive: Does your partner have the habit of not always paying close attention to you? Does not communicate well with you? Or, when you are saying something always cuts and interrupts you? These are signs that he or she does not value your opinion. When you are facing this challenge, this is a sign that the relationship will not last long.
  4. In Secured Over Accomplishments: does your partner see your accomplishments as normal? Do they see it as something with no importance? Does he/she become angry or unhappy about your accomplishments or successes? This is a big sign that your relationship will not last.
  5. Does Not Always Apologize: If your partner can’t say the magic words “I’m sorry”. Then, I’m sorry this is a huge sign that it might all end. This problem is associated with partners with too much ego and pride.
  6. Family Dislikes Him/Her: Do members of your family and close friends dislike your partner? Take this as a sign and look at your partner to know the problem.


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