What is More Important in a Relationship – Love or Trust?


Love is a feeling. It is an emotion. It is a silent language for many. Love is beautiful. It gives you immense pleasure to know that someone completely belongs to you and you belong to them as well. When you tell someone you love them, you should just not utter the words but be truthful to the words. You must live by it. You must really love them. When you live by the words, it really is going to make your life meaningful as well as your partners’. This immense feeling of pleasure that you are going to share with each other is going to be for a lifetime when it is with trust.

Thoughts Just Flow in Love

Love has no conditions. It does not come by analyzing. It just flows into you and you actually get attacked by love. This might sound filmy, but this is what happens actually. You just can’t stop thinking about your lover. Nothing can stop this feeling. The words, the silly jokes and all the beautiful moments spent will linger in your mind forever. Even when you go to a place that you have visited together, all the memories associated will flow in. We completely turn into a new person once we are in love. We tend to enjoy the beauty of so many things around this. All this would have been around us for years but this beautiful feeling is what that brings this emotion out of us.

Love, the Leader of Emotions

It not only gives you happiness but also allows you to spread it. It can instantly bring a smile on your face. A depressed person feels very warm when love is expressed to him. Love is the leader of all emotions, I would say. It can nullify the effects of other emotions like jealousy, revenge, sadness, anger or even sufferings. What does this signify? It means you can be happy in life if and only if you love. Love teaches you so many things. Love teaches you to trust a complete stranger and live a beautiful life with him. So now if we think about love and trust meaning, it might be different but they are interconnected. Love cannot last without trust and you will surely love a person you trust.

Interlink Between Love and Trust

Love and trust in relationships are the two main terms. Both these join hand in hand to develop a relationship. I can agree that there are people who have fallen in love, at first sight, do not know much about their partner but later for a relationship to move to the next step trust is important. Love and trust are such a wonderful combo that can be a success at all times. When the trust link in a relationship is weak then the love breaks. You cannot carry out a relationship without trust. Trust is the base where the building of love is constructed.

What Selfishness Leads to

Without trust in a relationship makes you behave selfishly. When you do not believe your partner then you start to raise unnecessary doubts on him and this breaks the basic bonding of trust. When you are selfish, you do not tend to care about each other and this also does not build trust. Trust always increases as the relationship proceeds. Only when you are selfless, you can get it back in reciprocation. When I say reciprocation, I mean, when you trust then you will also be trusted back. Similarly, when you love someone selflessly you will be loved back the same way. Maybe it might not happen immediately but in the due course, you will be loved as you love.

Possessiveness and Love

Being in love, one can never be without possessiveness. While this is healthy, this can also break trust. But this does not happen with everyone. There are relationships that still maintain their pace with the possessiveness also. This is mainly because of trust. Trust lets you control your emotions. When you are extremely angry with your significant other because of possessiveness, then the trust and the love between acts as the saviour.

Trust Wins Love

By the time you are reading this, you would have concluded that trust always takes an edge over love. Yes, it is true. Trust wins over love. Trust is the base of a relationship. May it be friendship or love, trust is important. Even in a boss-employee relationship, trust is important. So, we can definitely say trust is the true definition of any relationship. Relationships are built over trust.

In all situations that we see daily, trust clearly overtakes love at least by a small difference. Trust in love helps you to overcome every single obstacle together. It gives a feeling that you belong to each other. That feeling of belonging is eternal. Only people who have been through this will have a smile as they read this as they can really relate to what I mean. Trust bridges all the gaps that can part of any relationship.



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