How to flirt with a boy: Hot tips for newbies

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How to flirt with a boy: Top 7 best techniques.

Flirting is often challenging. Especially when you are feelings nervous and anxious, when you see your crush. Is it possible to learn flirting techniques? How to flirt with a boy without revealing your feelings? Below you will find top 7 handy prompts on how to sweep him off his feet and make the brightest impression with minimum efforts.

  1. Have an awesome look. To seduce a man, you need to be attractive. No more dirty hair or untidy clothes! You need to have the best look possible: you might wear little make-up, have an accurate manicure, stylish haircut and proper wear. Not to mention a pleasant smell; try using a body lotion or perfumes for the maximum effect.
  2. Be confident. The most important, while the most difficult thing in flirting is to stay confident. Make sure to enjoy your brilliant look and you will get more self-confidence easily.
  3. Establish an eye contact. When you see your crush, you usually cannot stop staring at him. Do not be afraid to look in his eyes; this way you will attract his attention with no efforts. Not to mention, the eye contact is a basics of initiating any relationship.flirt with a boy picture
  4. Be positive, laugh and smile. Guys love happy girls. When you smile, everything around you seems to be more pleasant and comfortable. Your beautiful lips might make him fall in love at first sight. However, avoid overdoing it: too risible girl can scare him away.
  5. Try to use your body language. Playing with your hair, looking at him when he is talking and putting your hips and shoulders towards your crush are classical tricks of flirting. However, avoid looking away and crossing your arms not to spurn him.
  6. First talk. If he had already noticed you, it is time to say “hi”. There is no need to start a long conversation, when you first speak to each other. Just smile, wave, say “hello” and keep moving.
  7. Touch him lightly. When you already know each other, try to communicate more easily. Laugh at his jokes, stay close and break the touch barrier. Just touch your crush’s shoulder or put a hand on his back for a couple of seconds.

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How to flirt with a boy, when you have known each other for ages? The secret is to give him a compliment, tease him playfully and just leave your boy wanting more.

All in all, just be yourself and he will definitely fall in love with you bright personality!



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