How to flirt with a girl: easy tips for beginners

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How to flirt with a girl: Easy prompts for beginners in dating

So, you have found a girl you really like. How can you attract her attention? Is it possible to make her want you? How to flirt with a girl of your dreams? Below you will find a list of cool flirting tips for those who are new to all this romantic stuff.

  • The first step of any flirting technique is smile. Positive people attract more attention and initiate any conversation much easier. Pay her an uncommon compliment or set up a small talk. Do n­­ot push in case she is not ready to communicate in that particular moment; just try again later.
  • Move forward. How to flirt with a girl? In case you already know each other, ask a couple of questions to initiate a conversation. Be confident and communicative. It is a good idea to ask something easy about her projects, mood or leisure time.
  • Pay attention to her body language. If a girl of your dream is really interested in you, she might smile back, establish an eye contact or just turn her body toward you. However, if the lady is shy, she can also look down and giggle. Keep flirting if you feel she enjoys staying with you.girl guy love couple
  • Talk about her. The easiest way to seduce a girl is to show interest in everything that is important to her. Discuss her hobbies, free time, favorite music or movies. However, avoid talking about religion, politics and any other serious issues.
  • Establish physical contact. Touch her hand or shoulder ‘accidentally’ and see the reaction. In case she smiles and does not back off from you, this perfect lady is almost yours.
  • Use your sense of humor. This will make her smile and encourage her flirting back to you. Just find something that is funny for both of you and feel free to continue flirting.
  • Ask her phone number or profile in social media. Elevate your communication to the new level! Texting and chatting is another good way to know each other better.
  • Ask her out on a date. Be confident and make this difficult step in case you feel she is ready to stay with you on private.
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  • Be ready for the rejection. There is also a chance that she will refuse to go on a date with you. Although it might hurt your feelings, stay strong and move on! There are dozens of awesome girls, who want to date a good guy like you.



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