How to flirt with a girl you like?

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What is flirting and how to flirt with a girl you like?

If you have noticed a girl, who is worthy of your time and attention, it would be good to impress her and conquer her heart. In this case, flirting is a perfect idea. It is a delicate game and a real weapon in the hands of a resourceful guy. The goal of flirting is to show a girl that you are interested in her.

Flirting is a conversation game. Imagine that there are two people who talk about something. To start flirting with an interlocutor, you just need to move away from the logical component of the dialogue and start the game: joke, intrigue, surprise and encourage the girl. Being able to flirt well means to give a young woman incredible impressions. This is very important.

flirt with a girl you like

A woman wants to be with a man not because of his appearance or amount of money, but because of those feelings and sensations that she experiences when interacting with him. Answer to the following three important questions, while communicating with a girl.

–    Is she cheerful with me?

  • Does she feel an emotional connection with me?
  • Is she excited when talking to you?

It means that when you talk to a girl you should forget everything. Forget about some rules of seduction from your past life and concentrate on making a woman feel these three things, and she will not be able to deny you.

Flirting tips for guys

Be self-confident. Girls like self-confident men. Even, if during a date you feel a certain lack of confidence, do not demonstrate it. Straighten your shoulders, adopt a relaxed posture, and smile. A smile is an important thing that makes a person attractive.

Remember about your appearance. Taking the first step flirting with a girl, be sure that you look good. The only thing that cannot be changed is the first impression. Based on first impression in the first minute of interaction, a girl forms a certain attitude towards us.

Look into her eyes. Flirtatiously glances is the best women’s weapon of mass destruction. Therefore, when talking, always look into woman’s eyes.

Flirting tips for guys

Tease her. As soon as you understand that there is no more tension and a girl feels completely relaxed and comfortable in your presence, you can start to tease her. This will demonstrate your perfect sense of humor and make your flirtation more coquettish.

Tell her, which of her features are pleasant to you. Remember that you do not need just to impress girl with your compliments. On the contrary, make an emphasis only on those features that you really like. You do not need to be eloquent. As long as you speak sincerely, she will appreciate it.

Listen to what she says. One of the main mistakes of men is that they do not listen to females. Remembering every word a girl says is a huge step to win her heart. When she talks about something, try to show your interest in the topic and ask questions. This kind of flirting will make a great impression on a girl.



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