How to flirt with a girl online: draw her attention with no effort

flirt with a girl onlin

How to flirt with a girl online: handy tips for beginners

Flirting online is a great alternative to flirting face to face. If you feel not so confident for real flirting, online communication is a great solution to find a girlfriend. However, it still has some secret tricks that most guys should follow to make the process smoother. How to flirt with a girl online? Let’s find out!

  • Avoid starting your conversation with simple lines. If you just write her “hi!” she might easily leave your message without reply. The matter is that cute girls usually receive dozens of similar messages each day. Be different! Note what your lady is wearing, study her interests and ask uncommon questions without being too obvious.

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  • Check out what music, movies and special interests your crush has. Make some research to be aware of the latest news on her hobbies. Not to mention, when you suddenly find out that her favorite music band is going to give a concert in your city, you might easily ask her out on a real date using this issue.
  • Avoid liking all her photos and posts in social media. Just pick up and like a few of them not to flood her newsfeed. It will also make her wondering, why you did not like the other photos and attract her attention to your profile. The girl’s curiosity is your key to success!
  • Leave comments. Do not be afraid to leave her comments that require some respond aside from just “Thank you”. This technique will help you initiate conversation much smoothly.
  • Add some mystery. Do not reply to all her messages immediately! This way, you will not look too eager.
  • Do not be afraid to have different viewpoints. Everyone has their own opinions. If you will agree with all her viewpoints, as well as avoid any disputes, you might easily seem boring. However, avoid being too forceful to convince your crush that you are right.

Flirting online

  • Do not try too much. Flirting online has plenty of similarities to real flirting. Be careful, avoid being too intrusive not to turn her off. Keep it simple, easy going and even funny to have a successful flirt with your new crush!


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