Flirting Tips For Shy Guys

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Introverts are people who like to be alone. They prefer to avoid a crowded place at all cost. In fact, they very much prefer being alone. They are also afraid of speaking in public. Shy guys are those guys who have all these traits and more. In addition to not being bold enough, they also have it hard when it comes to dating.

It is often very rare but shy guys do get understanding beautiful ladies of their dream. Those are the lucky few. To the rest of the fold, they have to be assisted in order to get out of their comfort zone. Hence the reason for this article.

a shy girl with a girl in cafe

Tips on How to be More Confident With Girls

1.Do not fear rejection
You are a shy guy. I believe you know what that means – you won’t act as other guys would. For once you need to forget the fear of rejection. The fear of being embarrassed. The truth is the more you fear, the more you ruin your chances before you even get to say anything. Stop overthinking what you want to say to her. Move close to her and say hello. Ask her name and introduce yourself. Let her know you want to know her. Ask for her contacts. If she rejects or turns you down, it does not change a thing. You are not back to square one in any way. In fact, you have just gotten yourself another way of not starting a conversation with a lady.

I have been there. A lot of shy guys have a very good sense of humor. You should use this to your advantage. Chances are just saying a generic “hello” will get you nowhere, the best you can do in this case is to use humor to your advantage. Make her laugh as much as you can. It will ease things between you too. If you can even get her to laugh at you because you said something about yourself, even better. The key here is to get her to be comfortable with you around.

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There are a lot of shy guys who get turned down not because the girls didn’t like them but because the girls did not get a good first impression from them. The first impression matters a lot. Using humor as a key will surely help you.

It is important to note that as a shy guy, you should try and get the girl in a place where there are not too many people. These will reduce the fear of the crowd you originally have for being shy. You don’t have to try out too many new things at the same time. Do you want to talk to a girl? Do it where you are a little comfortable – a crowded environment is not one!

3.Act confident
The fact is this is a tip that encompasses the flirting tips for guys. By guys I mean the more outgoing ones. The only way these guys get what they want is their confidence. As a shy guy, you will probably have noticed a lot of brilliant beautiful girls tend to go for the bad guys. This is almost always the case. As a shy guy, there is no denying the fact that should you get the lady you are attracted to, you would be very committed for the long term. Even though this is true, the girls will still opt for the more confident short-term guy.

This implies that you need confidence. There is a thing with being a shy person. Your confidence would really be lacking. Yes, this is true but you need to act as if you are confident. As much as getting in a drink or two bits of help where you are at parties to boost your confidence, it needs more than that during the day. The best you can do is strike up conversations with ladies you don’t love until you get the hang of it.

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4.Flatter and sincerely compliment her
Who does not love flattery? The best way to get her to smile more when she is with you is to flatter her. Also, compliment her. Compliment what you admire about her. When you do this, please be as specific as you can. Don’t just drop a generic compliment.

5.Ask her out
This is where it gets even more interesting. If you have done and done the tips above, there is nothing stopping you from actually asking her out for a real date. if you have followed the steps to the latter chances her she won’t reject you. Even if she does not have time for the day you select, she will willingly choose a better date.


As a shy guy, you should totally avoid texting as a form of first contact. It is not that texting does not work, it just lowers your chance of getting “the” girl. This is because she will be judging you based on the way you text her. The texting rules are very different from real-world rules. If such a case arises in which you feel attracted to a girl, calling her is a more viable option than texting. Greet her, start up a little conversation – introduce yourself and tell her how you got her number. Keep the calls at intervals until you know the next time you call she is eager to reply and keep the conversation as long as possible. Then you can ask her out. This is way better than texting to ask her out.




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