Flirting Tips For Women That Attract Any Guy


There are two sets of women in the world, those who know how to attract a man and do it successfully and those who do not. Flirting is more about self-confidence, how you are confident in your looks. Flirting is acting in a way that makes you attractive will also showing you are attracted to someone in a subtle way. This means that as a woman, you will most likely set the wheel in motion for a guy to respond to. It is an attitude that is not exuded by shy people. It is a fact that the more you put yourself out there, confident in yourself, the sexier and attractive you will be to the opposite sex.

Flirting is all about making the person you are flirting with feel lucky to chat or talk with you. As a woman, flirting can lead to different possibilities. It can lead to friendship, love and dating, even marriage. It all depends on how much the two of you connect. For those who already know how to do this, there is a high chance they won’t be reading this write-up. This implies that if you are reading this article, you are one of the women who doesn’t know how to successfully flirt. The key to getting it right is by breaking out of your shell. You need to add a little bit of playfulness to what you do.

Tips for You on How to Attract Any Guy You Want

Be Playful

As soon as you see a guy you feel you like and want to see where you can both go from there, you need to approach him. Once you approach him, you need to show him how playful you can be.

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There are different ways of doing this. You can play tricks with him, ask what he likes doing for fun, observe what he is doing and ask him why he is doing it. Flirting is just about making sure the two of you have fun. From what he says, look for things you also like doing and tell him. The best ways to keep conversations going is to find things you both love. If he has something that bothers him, make fun of it in a good way.

The idea here is to create a fun and romantic camaraderie between the two of you.

Compliment something about him

This tip focuses more on how to attract a man sexually. You feel attracted to him sexually? There is no better way to show it than by complimenting something about him. Of course, it has to be something real and not generic.

Should you manage it, he would be more than willing to reciprocate and then you can take it to a more romantic conversation if you want.

Body language

Body language is subtle signs an individual gives to respond to their emotions or feelings without necessarily speaking about it. Women have their own, men have their own distinct one too. The key is recognizing the signs so you would know if he is interested in getting attracted to you.

For instance, if he is sitting down and you glance down at his feet. There are two things, they are either pointing to you or away from you. In a scenario where they are pointed in your direction, it means he likes you and wants to know you better. If his feet are pointed away from you, the best you can get is create a friendship between you both.

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In addition, making genuine eye contact with him boost his morale. It lets him know you like him and he would reciprocate. Also, ensure your body language is read by him. Smiling more often even at his lame jokes will put him more at ease with you. As the conversation grows and he is confident with talking with you, the easier it is to flirt.

Also, smiling makes you more approachable and easier to talk with.

Let him talk

This is the tricky part. Even though you flirted with him first, and as required, you ought to have more control of the conversation, it is better if you allow him to talk too. You don’t have to take the lead all the time. Let him tell you something – say a story. Don’t interrupt him even if you know one better than his.

If you have both visited a place you both loved, even better. You can ask him for his thoughts on the place and keep him talking while adding your own titbits.

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Text back

This applies to flirt over text. While it is not as good as flirting in person, it makes sure the connection is not broken. There is a rule always added to tips and guides when it comes to dating that should be addressed. The rule is ‘waiting hours before you reply a text from a guy you want to flirt with’. This is absolutely unethical.

While it is good not to look over eager and needy when texting, you can still do that without having to stall the guy’s text for hours. If a guy is interested in you and finds time to text you, as much as he texts you, text him back. Not all guys are comfortable with talking with the opposite sex. The best you can do if you feel attracted to such a person is text back.

If you are playing hard to get, you can do it in other ways when you meet in person. There is a thin line between being needy and fun to chat with. You need to find a way to let the guy know you like him without over-committing yourself.



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