How to Flirt With a Guy Over Text To Make Him Passionate About You

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In flirting with a guy over text, you can never go wrong in so much that you send the right messages at the right time across that convey your true feelings. Whether in high school, or the neighborhood or that cute new guy that just moved in, or the one that you have been friends with for some time now. Flirting with him can be quite fun.

In this piece, we bring you flirting tips that will make keep your text chat active at all times. We bring you tricks that will make him head over heels on you and keep you constantly in his thoughts even when both of you are not texting each other.

However, it is important to note that flirting has its skills. Starting on a bad footing with bad habits will be detrimental as it may be hard to break or stop. Those bad habits can make a very big difference as you might likely not get dates and if you get one, it will take long for you to get another.

Most of the social cues we use in in-person communications cannot be put to use in text messages, your flirting habit may be perceived as bad by the guy without you knowing it.

Flirting Tips

1. Don’t Wait For Him to Text

This is where many ladies make a mistake. There is no reason to wait for the guy you like to text you if you fancy him and want to strike up a conservation with him. Don’t get yourself worried about being seen as desperate.

A little text will not make you look cheap at all. To flirt is a two-way thing but it has to be started by someone. There is no reason to shy away from sending the first text message to your crush.

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2. Use a Sweet Opener Instead of Just Sending “Hi”

Sending a guy with a text that reads only hi really leaves him with no option to reply to you in a favorable manner order than the same hi or maybe, hello. Rather, you should use a nice opener in the very first text you send him.

The beauty of using a nice opening line is that you will kick-off a good conversation. The awkward thing about just saying hi is that both of you will have a long gap of replies with each reply not being meaningful or favorable.

3. Flirt Harder And Tickle His Temptations Subtly By Playing With His Imagination

One beauty of flirting with guys over text messages is that it gives you the ability to toy with their imaginations. You can drive him wild by sending out a text that looks innocent but has lots of deep meanings and allowing him to interpret it his way. The aim is to send a message that will make his dirty mind swing into action immediately. There are lots of ways to do this. Classic examples are sending him the texts: I am lonely, I am bathing, I am changing my clothes, etc. the list is endless.

4. Discover His Passion

This subtle flirting manner will take some little time. It requires a little you to think and look for some intelligent ways to know what he loves and what he doesn’t without him knowing your aim. But if you know some little thing about him, it will be easy to start a conversation.

At the very beginning, do not rush things. When he replies to you, you have caught his attention and the ball is now in your court to blow his imagination and curiosity about you. Rushing things too early might bring about bad results. Just show him how cool you are and watch his interest in your spike.

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5. Handle Naughty Replies Without Crossing the Line

Be in the know that guys are more likely to send you naughty, annoying messages when you chat them up. This is likely because your text might have tickled their fancy. Be prepared to handle such situations in a matured way when they come up. Send him apt replies on those naughty and annoying messages in a cool without leaving the impression that you are a loose girl, as this will ruin your image. Know that the line between flirty and dirty is a thin one, make sure you don’t cross it.

6. Make Him Think About Meeting You

Make him crave seeing you in person or meeting you. In your texts, stylishly suggest this to him without being direct about it. Let him be the one to ask for the meeting. Ensure that you do not say the words: “I want to meet you”. Instead, use open-ended suggestions that will make him want to meet you to know more about you.



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