How to Know If a Guy Is Flirting With You

a man flirting with a woman

You have been looking for the perfect person to call your boyfriend and probably if you believe in marriage, a husband. The challenge though has been distinguishing between a serial joker who flirts you then leaves and a potential man to whom you can entrust your heart. It does not look easy to tell the two apart but, there are certain characteristics that all flirts share.

Signs He’s Flirting With You

He is Too Touchy to be Comfortable With

A guy could just be trying to be playful without ill intentions. While it makes men comfortable, sometimes it makes women uncomfortable. If you are a lady, you might be agreeably nodding to this because it means a lot to the female gender. That you are actually allowing this person into your outer space and this necessitates you to know how to tell if a guy is flirting. Some men will not let their hands off a girl. Not to say it is always the case. However, the flirty type will always be characterized by being overly on you. He will pretend that he is getting rid of loose hair from your arm, picking lint from your blouse, he will want to peck your cheek, he will try to place his hand on your upper thighs. Remember that he may do this during a first meeting or after a few meetings. This means that you have not built an understanding that is good enough to be friends to this extent. So yes! This touchy guy is definitely flirting you.

a man touching the face of a woman

Impressing You

When a guy likes a girl, he will try to impress her no doubt. However, this is not an endless thing. Men too, become their real selves because they are human beings too. You must look out for a guy who only talks big and tries to impress you every time he contacts you. Such a guy will mention that he is tired of the flashy neighborhood and is looking for a posher one. He will talk about his talents, promotions or huge growth in business. Do not let it put you off and make him look proud. He is out trying to flirt and impress you.

With Their Complements

When a guy likes or loves a woman, he wants to tell her every so often that she is beautiful. As a lady, you can take it as a compliment and let is pass because it is not easy to tell If it is a compliment or a flirt. Some men want to flirt before getting into the relationship, and others want to flirt and leave. You will notice the extreme ones will use mostly seductive words always. They will minimize clear language and prefer to use sensual words. They will also not be consistent with these compliments. They will keep them short and will want to engage you at an unreasonable hour in the night. At times a guy shows signs he’s flirting with intent. This guy will flirt you before you both get into a relationship. They will keep you lively by taking any chance to compliment you nicely. Although occasionally they will use flirty words like, sexy.

a couple in cafe

A Similar Flutter Feeling

You might get that happy and airy feeling when this new guy talks to you. It feels different and new, but there is something great about this guy. He makes you smile all day and night, and it makes you feel happy in your heart. He might just be flirting and does not want anything more from a lady. This does not mean that he is bad. He could also be a good person trying the best he knows how to make things work. Therefore, you should not write him off as a flirt immediately. Have a chat and get to know him more but in the end, trust your gut feeling. It will never lie.

They Never Commit

More often than not, a guy who is flirting with women will never commit. Some men are married, but they cannot stop flirting with women. They will get to the extent of trying to prove they are single if they need to get to a woman. Afterward, as the lady, you realize the man has disappeared, and they do not seem apologetic about it. The reason is that they never commit themselves. To this guy, flirting feeds an ego aspect and once he is satisfied he wants to find the next catch.

a man with glasses flirting with woman

Figuring out Your Status Indirectly

A man who is worth his salt will ask you out. If you notice he uses indirect terms to see if you are single, he is a flirt. Know this and decide your next move. He will probably try to say that he hopes he is not taking your boyfriend’s time. He may make a booty call and say he hopes that it will not land you into trouble with your man. You should discern that this is a guy who is trying to gauge if you are single by the statements he uses. It is a personal choice to reveal your status. If you want nothing to do with flirts, do not give in to these type of men because they just want to flirt with you.



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