Do Men Fall in Love at First Sight?

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Numerous individuals have different opinions regarding love at first sight. Some people are of the opinion that this kind of love is possible whilst other people think that it is downright ridiculous, so is love at first sight real? Experts say that falling in love at first sight is possible and could even take a fifth of a second to happen.

What makes a man fall in love?

1. Psychological state of mind
Love at first sight can depend on a lot of reasons; one could be the psychological state of mind of the man. Sometimes men can fall in love instantaneously since they have the belief that love does exist and are prepared to fall in love. It will be hard for a man who is not mentally prepared to fall in love immediately to do so.

2. Physical attraction
Men are more predisposed to fall in love at first sight than females are which is mostly contributed to by physical attraction. The more a man looks at a woman for the first time, the more his interest grows. However, sometimes this could be as a result of lust, which can be defined as physical desire for someone, that is why lust and love can be confused in some instances and a man could think he is in love but he is just lusting. Lust is misleading amongst people and you could think you are having chemistry with a woman you have met for the first time. So a man will truly know that he is really in love with the woman after going through thick and thin without leaving, because he will leave when it happens simply because it was lust and lust fades away after a very short period of time.

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3. Girl of your dreams
Another reason that would make a man fall in love with a woman after meeting is because she could be the woman he has been dreaming about. It could be from the way she carries herself, to her personality or just discovering how compatible they are from the similar likes to the same dreams and aspirations.

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4. Sense of familiarity
Men fall in love at first sight when they feel like they have already met before with the woman. Things tend to flow easily and everything is natural making them feel really comfortable around the each other. A sense of familiarity is amazingly powerful since it feels like you have met the person before.

Signs that a man has fallen in love at first sight

1. Infatuation
One of the general indications that a man has fallen in love at first sight is how he looks at a woman with fascination. When a guy keeps on staring at a woman he has met, that is probably a sign that he has fallen in love. The result of the fascination can cause changes in facial expressions liking grinning a lot or just goofing around.

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2. Confidence
Now and then, when a guy falls in love at first sight, the outcome is a surge of confidence and energy to converse with the desired lady. Such confidence could be in form of very passionate banter or just directly professing their love. However, assertiveness sometimes does not mean that a man has fallen hopelessly in love and it could just be driven by lust.

3. Sheepishness
Another sign of a guy falling in love at first sight is shyness. A man will have a hard time maintaining eye contact while having a conversation, he will be paralyzed and not function as normally as he would have in a social settings signaling that he is in love with the woman he is talking to.

4. Clumsiness
Attraction can also manifest in the form of clumsiness, this is because a man will strive to create a first good impression and it may turn into awkwardness instead because he is trying to act differently from his normal self since he believes that is what will make an impression on the lady.

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5. Unsettled feeling
When a man is attracted to a woman, he can end up feeling sick in the stomach or rather have butterflies which are natural. Experts claim that our emotional feelings can affect our digestive systems. So getting butterflies could mean that is love at first sight.

6. Wanting to know everything about the woman
When a man falls in love, he gets interested in everything about the woman, from her likes, hobbies, favorite food, and type of music in addition to her life goals in general. So when a man shows a genuine interest in you, it is an obvious sign of how is truly feeling.

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It is safe to conclude that falling in love at first sight for men is an indication that they are searching for love while those who aren’t will hardly fall in love. Love at first sight does not have to be about how about the physical appearance of the individual since that is not what will determine how long a relationship lasts or even the quality of the relationship. So some men do believe in love at first sight and some do not, it all depends with the individual. So do you guys fall in love at first sight?



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