Love at first sight psychology. Myth or reality? Make man fall in love!

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Love at First Sight: Myth or Reality?

Everyone wants to make new friends.  Many people are in their quest for love. If you want to shine like a star in any company, if you want to be in the spotlight everywhere, if you easily want to find the way to hearts of the most interesting and famous people, then do not forget that first impression counts! There is no second chance to make a first impression.

Poets, philosophers, writers and even doctors have always been debating whether love at first sight exists or not. Actually only FOUR minutes of looking into each other’s eyes are enough to fall in love. Beauty holds the fort of natural selection; it marks people who are the healthiest. These people have good skin, hair and perfect teeth. They have fit bodies as a result of sticking to healthy lifestyle. The fact that love at first sight exists is proved by scientists. But the dissenting camp of researchers pulled the hypothesis to pieces.

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Beauty and health come together

Imagine the situation: a handsome guy enters a room…A lady’s heart skips a beat. His smile is dazzling like a sunrise at a beach…What does it mean? It means that ladies actually see him as a prospective father of their future children. He is well-groomed and handsome, handsome means healthy, so most likely his future kids will be healthy too. He is a bearer of good genes!

So how such a phenomenon as ‘love at first sight’ can be defined? So many books and songs are written about it…And, finally, how can we emblaze the blood of a man and make a mash on a man.

I hope, my dear Lady-Reader, after you read about my secret weapon you will be eager to test it on men. An EYE-CONTACT is a powerful weapon. It belongs to nonverbal communication. It can express what words sometimes cannot: love and hate, sympathy and indifference. When people look at one another they feel a mysterious connection. They feel really attracted.

The language of flirting is the most widespread language between a man and a woman. For some people it is inborn. However, the majority of people still need to be taught how to use it properly! This language comprises words and gestures. Gestures, as we know, are sometimes more understandable than words. Flirt is fun, flirt is safe, flirt is natural.

It helps us to show that we are really interested in someone.

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Scientific point of view

So, on love battlefield an eye contact is a weapon of mass destruction. Researchers arrived at a conclusion that every person first of all focuses on the eyes of the object of his/her interest (more often we do it unconsciously). That is why absolutely every man and every woman with no exception is a creature who can love with eyes and flirt using ‘eye-contact’ tricks.

And finally, let us appeal to the latest studies in psychology. In 2016 American scientists proved that love at first sight is only a myth. And they explained why.

Love is being evoked slowly. It requires some time for two people to accumulate common memories and experiences, so when a couple does not have such a ’luggage’ to share, their feeling is not true ‘Love’.



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