Dating a married woman: Does it really worth it?

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Dating a married woman: Pros and Cons

So, you have fallen in love with a married woman. Is it worthy to initiate a relationship? How can you start flirting with your crush? What should you do if your feelings are mutual? Below you will find some tips on dating a married woman, as well as some benefits and drawbacks on having relationship with a married lady.

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The main advantages of dating a married woman

  • Fewer demands and expectations. Your lady will not force you to marry, since she has already created a union with another man. Moreover, she is not likely to initiate a serious relationship.
  • Bright sexual life. All your dates will be thrilling, bright and unforgettable. Married women have a great experience in the intimate sphere and are usually ready to make your sexual dreams come true.
  • You can easily break up. Since your relationship is not stable, you might break up any moment. No obligations or annoying showdowns!
  • You can date other ladies simultaneously. If you prefer polygamous relations, dating a married woman is a great choice. She will not tell anyone about her ‘little secret’ and you can initiate relationship with other women freely.

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The main drawbacks of dating a married woman

  • Constant conspiracy. You cannot go to the movies, visit a popular restaurant or just stay in public places together. All these options for leisure time become too risky.
  • Possible exposure. Her husband might reveal his spouse is cheating. In this case, most of males will try to take revenge on you.
  • She still has sex with her husband. You will need to get used that your beloved one shares bedroom with someone else.
  • Issues with creating your own family. If you want to start a serious relationship, dating a married woman is the worst thing you might choose.
  • She might become an obsessive lover. Yes, your crush might also fall in love with you. This way, she will become a real fury, who forces you to marry her.

Although women usually start cheating when they have some serious problems in their families, dating a married lady can completely destroy her marriage. Furthermore, having relationship with such a girl shows a total disrespect for her man.

Note: your relationship is not likely to have a happy ending. Moreover, your secret love will be revealed sooner or later.



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