The secret truth of dating a married man

married man

Dating a married man: Surviving an affair successfully

Are you going to date a married guy? Are you ready to fight for your love despite all the risks and moral issues? Although the best advice for women, who prefer dating a married man is not even to start a relationship, we have collected a number of prompts for hearts, broken by married guys. What are the peculiarities of dating a married man? Let’s find out!

  • The needs of his wife and kids will always outweigh your own. One of the most common rules of millions of married males is “family first”. This way, he is likely to still take care of his marriage, no matter on his relationship with a wife. He is definitely feeling comfortable with his family; despite he might tell you the opposite. So, be ready that a married man will not make all your wishes come true.

secret truth of dating a married man

  • Your couple is likely to hide from the whole world. You are not likely to go to public places together, spend holidays and vacations, as well as you are not likely to know his family and friends personally.
  • You will lack emotional connection. Are you ready to share your partner with some other lady? Do not you feel hurt that you are not his top priority? Planning to live together might be really fascinating, but remember that these are just dreams that are unlikely to come true. That is why emotional pain from his rejections to spend more time together, as well as to break up with his wife, will become your brightest feeling. Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy relationship, dating a married man is the worst option you might choose.
  • Your love story will not have a happy ending. Although he might choose to stay with his wife or start a new life with you, there will always be at least one broken heart. The beginning of your relationship might be thrilling, romantic or exciting, but its end always brings pain for someone. Not to mention, the statistics shows that you are not likely to be the winner.


All in all, think twice before starting an affair with a married man. Even if you think it will be just flirt or hot sex, you might easily fall in love with this guy and have a broken heart in no time.



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